To Desk or Not to Desk-That is the Question!

I have been wondering.  Should I set up a separate desk for each of my kids this year?  Their own space to spread out and learn. A place for them to keep their things at all times.  A place that they are responsible for.

Or should we continue with the kitchen table.  Where there is plenty of space to spread out and be together. We can share resources but then they must be put away every day so we can eat at the table.

Or do I just get a fold out table and just use that. Not as big as the kitchen table, but same concept.  But if they touch each other I will never hear the end of it!

Having one in public school and having evening homework, I am seeing how having a study area with a desk set up for her would be good, since the kitchen table is getting ready for dinner.  I have something that may just work for that, but again the question is where best to put it!

As my homeschooled kids are getting older I am really seeing the benefit of them having their own area.  I just don’t know how to accomplish that in the area that I have.  I tried having Robby separate in the front office a few years ago, it was exciting for about 3 weeks and then he just ended up by us for school at the kitchen table.  So there went that idea.

So if I could find smaller table like desk it may work. And still use the kitchen table for our joint lessons, history & art.  I wonder if I could make some? On to  Pinterest for awesome ideas!

As I have torn apart the school area for get ready for our fresh start Monday morning, I am still debating: to desk or not to desk.  And what will be the best learning environment for my three kiddos.


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