10 Things Every Homeschool Mom Needs and Wants

10 Things that every hs mom

  1. Acknowledgment that teaching her children is a full-time job. I think there are some days that people ask “what do you do all day?”  I sigh and just say “stay at home mom.”  BUT I am not a stay at home mom.  I am a homeschooling mom.  And a homeschooling mom is a full-time job.  There are lessons to prepare, lessons to be taught, children to deal with, lessons to be graded.  Constantly evaluating what the children need to do better.  Are we using the right curriculum? There are field trips.  This is a full-time job.  And by the time my husband gets home most days I have not even thought about dinner.  I am sitting in a state of exhaustion.  Like I am sure most who are teaching in home or at a school building are feeling.  It is a full-time job. And I have determined that I will just start saying I am an educator instead of a stay at home mom.
  2. Permission to have bad days. For a long time I felt I had to live up to all the other “perfect” homeschooling families out there that have the perfect life and schedules.  Yes I woke up.  Nobody was perfect.  And I needed to know that homeschooling was going to have bad days.  Really really bad days.  And it was fine to have really bad days.
  3.  Permission to have a bad year. But what if those days seemed to repeat themselves and it felt like the whole year was bad?  Like having three very hands on children who needed you all the time if work was given to them.  Or complained about everything given to them.  What if you felt like you were failing your kids.  Or you started comparing them to the standards of public schools?  I needed to know that even in any school year homeschooled or not, there are just bad years for kids and teachers.  My kids just picked the same year.  And I have already mapped out a plan for next year to help us move along better.  At lease that is the goal.  Next year will be better!!
  4. Help from husband in keeping the house clean and together.  Every homeschool mom cannot do it all.  They just can’t.  I feel it is either teaching and caring for the kids, or a clean house.  So a clean house has to be a team effort. Or a plan to get help.  While kids can help some with chores, a mother works all day teaching and caring for her kids, just like a husband works all day.  Especially in the bad years-when by dinner the mom is just mumbling cause it was that hard of a day!
  5. Time alone outside of the house.  Moms make sure you are taking time to yourself.  Go get your hair done.  Go drink Starbucks.   Go shopping.  If this means that your husband spends hours with the kids or you get a daytime babysitter-it will be worth your time!
  6. Time alone inside of the house.  When you are always in house with your kids, you don’t realize how important it is to be home alone.  Encourage dad to take the kids on outings so you can get 3-4 hours home alone.  To do what you want to do.  Sometimes I may put on a movie channel and clean during commercials.  Or just sleep sounds good some days.  The kids are stuck home with me all week, they love time with daddy!
  7. Planning time. Also as with just 6, you need to block a day with no kids to do planning for homeschooling.  A day to focus on everything is so helpful and when kids are not around it is easier.  In fact with everyone gone it is the easiest!
  8. Time with your spouse! This is so important!  Because all day a homeschool mom has been talked to by kids.  Touched by kids.  Everything by kids.  She is craving time to be talk to and touched by her husband.  Mark out date nights on the calendar.  Spend time walking in the park holding hands.  Husbands don’t forget the homeschool momma, she has worked hard and needs TLC too!! And wives don’t forget your hubby!  He too has worked hard!  Keeping this part active and alive.  Just spending time talking after the kids go to bed is very helpful!!
  9. Adult conversation time.  Remember homeschool momma are touched and talked to all day by little ones.  We love this.  We choose this.  But we also love our adult world with adult conversations!  I was at court the other day for a foster love.  We had to wait about and hour and a half for a 10 minute court case.  I joked to one of the lawyers that it was nice to have a bit of adult conversation while we were all waiting.  He totally understood!  Make sure you are involved in activities with other homeschool families!
  10. Knowledge that next year will be better! Just that.  Regardless if it was a good year of bad, next year will be better!  So if it is a bad year, make due and get into summer.  Make plans for a better year.  Many factors in life we cannot control, but have a positive out look will help us get to were we need to be.

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