Our Homeschool Day: Mid Year

Much has changed since we began last August.  Much has not.  I thought I would touch base with how we are handling homeschooling, public school and babies now.

Last October we said good-bye to our sweet Squeakers and hello to our dear Lulu.  Lulu is in 2nd grade and attends our local public school.  She has an amazing teacher and is doing well there this year.  But these changes did bring about changes to our schedule.  We also started caring for a sweet Gerber Cutie baby boy at the beginning of the year.  We are a full house of 5 at home plus grand baby Haddie who comes most days.

So here is a semi typical day in our house:

6-6:15a.m. I get up and get myself ready (This has been my biggest change since Lulu has come.)

6:30-7:10 a.m. I get Lulu up and ready for school.  I walk her to the bus stop and by 7:15 I am back in the house.

7:15a.m. Haddie Arrives

8:00a.m. Breakfast

9-11:30a.m. Schooling (babies have play time and one has nap time): My kids are so hands on right now that I have to sit with each one.  So I am rotation who I am working with.  Sometime I can get two working at the same time, but till we hit an independent stage again, this is hard.  Exhausting.

11:30a.m. Free Time

12:00p.m Lunch

1:00p.m. Quiet Time (mom’s time)

2:00p.m. Rotate Reading Computer & iPads (30 minutes)  (Will also continue another schooling work that needs to be done.)

3:00p.m. Outside/free time (Lulu comes home)

4:00p.m. planned activities

Dinner and Bedtime (Robby and AnnieQ will also do some of their schooling at night-time.  It works out better for us and them)

We also do weekly dance, music lessons, confirmation, church activities, and visits with DHR in our schedule.  With in all this time, I weave in a lot of time for me to read and do some extra work.  We have about 6 weeks left in most of our school work because we have not taken any major breaks this year.  So after the kids scale down I will focus on key elements they need to work on and give them more time for freedom to explore and grow on their own.

As far as a school area this year, it just didn’t happen.  And you know what, it is working without one.  I really stressed about it at the beginning of the year.  And while yes, I could be more organized with the schooling stuff (I have a missing math book right now!!).  But we are working through everything we need and every where is our learning area! Doing what fits our family is the key.  Next year that may look totally different!

Click to see our Spring Schedule.  Remember this is only a guild line for our day.

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