Whew, it is Friday!

My alarm went off at 6:15a.m.  That alarm came to early, again. But I thought it is Friday you can do this!!  I have to roll out of bed and get dressed.  It is Friday!!  I have a children to get up and get dressed, fed and out the door for school.  By 7:10a.m.  I am looking at maybe my second cup of coffee and two more kids wide awake.  Elf on the Shelf has been found and questions about the evening devotion have been asked.  I tell them they have to keep guessing.  Whew, it is Friday.  Does Elf take the weekends off?

AnnieQ has decided to take a shower and wash her hair.  This is a her new stage.  At almost nine, she has discover “doing her hair.” So while she is busy “getting dressed” and Isaiah is working on morning chores while I am staring at the kitchen hoping it would magically just clean itself.

Coffee again.

School time.  Math, math drills.  I have Isaiah jump on the little trampoline the number in the answer.  He seems to have a LOT of energy this morning.  But we will get these facts drilled into his head.  School work continues.  When it came to copy work time, I had never had the two of them so quiet, so busy writing.  I almost had to pinch myself to see if I was awake.  Then they were done.  YEAH it is Friday and they are done! All of their work.  No melt downs.  One small slip of the mouth, but quickly apologized.  By 11 my little kids were done with their school week and we can put it away!! It was free time for every one!

AnnieQ took her free time to “do her hair again.”  Isaiah wanted to take a bath doing his free time.  But AnnieQ was hogging the bath room. So after 30 minutes of fixing her hair I kicked her out.

10801530_10203044853898503_8145769978044082018_n 1507106_10203044795057032_3570495731053331465_n

Fridays are a good day for me to review our week.  I know our bad days.  Our good days.  Where we are behind, where I would like us to be.  Where I would like us to push more next week.  It is a day of reflection.  A day to finally relax a bit.  A day to say Whew it is Friday!! I made it another week of homeschooling!!


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