Advent Season and Foster Care

Perhaps the two have more in common than I have ever thought of.  Both are seasons of waiting.  Waiting for something to come.  Waiting for a change to ones life.  Waiting.  Waiting for parents to make changes so children can go home.  Waiting for trails to happen.  Waiting for paper work to happen.  Waiting for forever families.  Waiting that for some kids happens their whole childhood.fosteradvent


Waiting.  I have been a foster parent for about 8 years now.  We have fostered over 20 kids both short term and long term.  We understand waiting.  Waiting for find out the next move of DHR.  Waiting for the next court next.  Waiting each weeks for visits and the aftermath we have to slowly help our children over come.  Waiting through bouts of screaming and yelling.  Waiting for social workers and others to visit.  Waiting.

This is the first year we have a foster child who believes in Christmas and Santa.  And she is waiting for what is next in her life.  We are waiting.  We have no control over this.  At all.   DHR does not either.  We are her 6th home in 2 years between family and foster homes.  So I try to put myself in her eyes of what she may be waiting for.  And how this Advent season I can give her something else to wait for.


On a side note: We believe in Santa.  He helps my kids believe in things that are not their.  When they are old enough to know the magic around Santa, they get to help.  Our kids are well balanced in if you ask them about the meaning of Christmas, they are going to tell the story of Jesus.  We also got an Elf a few years back…Popper… and while it is a pain to come up with ideas, this year it will be a key element for a certain little girl waiting.


Our little Lulu (Not her real name, just a nickname I gave her) asked me a few weeks ago if Santa would know where she was this year.  THIS YEAR. Because remember she has been moved so many times in her little 7 year old life.  I promised her that Santa knows these things and that I would be send a special letter making sure he knew for sure.  Well, when our Popper made his crash landing yesterday, I made sure there was a note that came with him that included names.  Her name was on it.  I put the names in order of how they came into our family, not oldest to youngest.  (These things are important sometimes.) Little Lulu gets up first to goto school.  As she read Popper’s note, she was in awe that her name was on it.  “Santa knows where I am.”




We have an Advent calendar that builds the Manger Scene.  Last year my kids fought over who’s turn it was to put the little things up.  So this year I said youngest to oldest-and they know which day’s are theirs to Christmas Eve.  (unexpected math lesson there LOL)



Little Lulu doesn’t understand Advent Season.  At church Sunday she noticed our advent wreath.  The kids explained to her why only one candle was lit.  Last night we did our first Advent Devotion.  I decided to follow Truth in The Tinsel for our Advent Devotions. Our Popper brings them their clues every morning.  Little Lulu asked what Advent Devotions were?  I told her we are getting our hearts ready  as we wait for the birth of Jesus.  I believe she gets this waiting.  As does any kid waiting for Christmas Morning. Or any foster kid waiting for the unknown steps in her little life.



We are waiting.  Waiting on her next step in her future.  Waiting on the next morning to see what Popper does.  Waiting to see what craft our devotion will bring us.  Waiting to see who’s turn it is to put up the next item on the advent calendar.  Waiting on the next family event.  Waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus!












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