When The Start of Homeschool Doesn’t go as Planned

Every year by now I have a clean and organized homeschool areas.  I have all curriculum laid out and I know what a few weeks down the road looks like.  I have a schedule.

This year I have a mess.

It happens I guess.

My homeschool areas is not together.  I have not posted pictures of it-cause will they would still be the before pictures.  I have done a lot of work in the Sunroom where all our stuff is.  But, I am still stepping over stuff.

I have curriculum, but it hasn’t found it’s returning home after we try lessons.  Although my history books do have a create now.

I made a schedule.  I don’t like my schedule.  There is so much to integrate in.  PLUS for what ever reason all my kids need me to be hands on this year, so I have to re do the schedule.  I am trying to find a rhythm in what works.  And with two babies most day-that adds another twist.  Plus there are lessons, and in house therapy sessions for our foster baby girl.

I have gotten school started.  We are in our second week.  Kids are liking our curriculum choices.  Although my 7 year old son doesn’t want to learn how to read oh that frustrates me!!

Another challenge our family dove into was Whole30 on August 2.  We are done Sunday.  This means I have been cooking A LOT.  Which has taken more of my time than normal.

So even though my start has been messy and didn’t go as planned-it will get there-just not this week.  But maybe next week.

Here are my kids back to school pictures.10341645_10202399630208314_256014283437937738_n 10565151_10202399630488321_3373887442335497507_n 10606206_10202399630808329_6853444217310123537_n 1538781_10202399999977558_8243217598278921460_n 1554636_10202400001577598_5874963622888268526_n

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