10 Things You Need to Know About our Curriculum for Homeschooling


It is hard to believe that our public schools started back three days ago.  We went swimming that day.  It has been a busy summer and I find myself realizing it is time to get things in order to start our school year.  So as I made a path through our homeschool room to sit down (I will not even show you a picture yet-come back in a few weeks) I have 10 things to let you know about our curriculum we use for homeschooling.

  1. We continue in last year’s school books.  Some of my kids will pick right off where they left off in last years books.  Isaiah(1st/2nd) I just stopped him in this math last February.  It was too stressful.  I just moved him to doing drills on a computer program and made all our lives happier.  He knows that he doesn’t get a new math book this year-he is starting off where we left off-with a little review.  Robby (7th) will continue in his writing book Jump In from Apologia.  (We love and use Apologia science too!)
  2. If something works well-we don’t mess with it! We love Math-U-See!  Been using it since Robby was in kindergarten.  But one year I took off.  I thought he wasn’t ready to go on.  I tried something different.  And it didn’t work for us.  We don’t mess with math now.  We will slow down math, but we are staying with Math-U-See.  Cause it works!  (P.S. did you know they finally put the blocks on the iPad!  It will be great for AnnieQ who hates the feel of the blocks!)
  3. If something does not work well-I finally gave myself permission to try something new.  I love Spell to Write and Read program.  I taught Robby with it. I highly recommend it.   But it was not working with my two little ones last year.  I was pulling my hair out.  I finally had to give my self permission to try some thing new.  It was not the program’s fault.  It was that my kids needs something different.  Isaiah, like math-I just stopped teaching him reading and writing last year.  AnnieQ I moved to Alpha Omega LifePacs for Language Arts last January-I will continue in with the other half this year.  I am not sure what reading curriculum I am going to use with Isaiah yet-as I don’t think the LifePacs work with him.  (He is a one of a kind kid :))
  4. We are not afraid of brand new curriculum.  This year we are trying Spelling You See!.  I love the Charlotte Mason Approach! I am even going to use it with my 12-year-old because he asked for extra help with his spelling.  Also if we are looking for shorter lessons we look for new Unit Studies.  So many topics to pick from!   I also am looking to bring in a language this year for Robby. He wants to be a pastor, so we want to start with Latin.  I am still researching curriculums for him.
  5. Sometimes nothing is more. One year I had no history curriculum.  None.  My kids explored history from their own interest.  We had taken a few trips early in the school year and they were able to see things that no text-book was able to provide.  When they wanted to learn about Greece- we got books and the internet was an awesome place to travel the world.  We love Google!  I find that on days I don’t give them school work or  “topics” they can still find interest.  My boys are better at this than my daughter though-so I have taken note of that.
  6. Speaking of the Google-we love technology!  We have great apps and computer programs that our kids use. Google is our best friend.  We have two iPad that the kids share and a Kindle.  While it is not a bulk of our learning-it provides the world for our kids.  As a side note: that world is dangerous, please protect your kids.  We use safe eyes.  Know what your kids are up too.  And don’t feel bad to limit them.
  7. We love just good old plain paper and pencils.  Ok, I know you are thinking, sure they got to have that.  But kids learn so much from an empty pad of paper and a pencils.  I give my kids a sketch book, and notebook.  These are free to create with-with in our rules.
  8. We sign up for classes.  We don’t homeschool to shelter our kids from the world.  We partly homeschool to give our kids more of the world than just a class room. So I like getting my kids signed up in different classes around town.  We are going to do robotics team, science classes, music and dance classes, gymnastic classes,  along with some swimming and who knows what other classes we find through out the year.
  9. Books, books and more books. I decided that for history this year we were going to use Beautiful Feet.  I have used it before with both Robby and Jeremy so I had a lot of the books already.   I love curriculum that is based off of living literature and lots of books other than just a text book.  We have a lot of books.  While my kids are behind in learning to read (part from their past), they are thriving the more they learn.  We read a lot in this family.
  10. Just everyday Life.  While I suppose I could design or follow a “cooking” curriculum or health curriculum, or Home Economics,  sometimes the best learning is in everyday life.  I have learned not to be afraid of that.  While I know with High School looming in our future I will tighten up these learning experiences to gain credits-for now-I love that the kids are taking interest and experimenting while failing and succeeding in all different areas of life.

As you can see, curriculum for us is not a set text book or program.  It is a combination of things that work for our family.  Every year that changes as our children change.  We are excited for this years curriculum!


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  1. “If something doesn’t work, I finally gave myself permission to try something new.” Yay! *Pat on the back* Good for you!! I understand how hard this can be and just want to give a shout of encouragement! Have a great year!

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