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As we are approaching the 3rd anniversary of the 2011 Tornado outbreak we all went through, being prepared is on my mind.  In fact after the tornado’s hit-being prepared was being pushed every where.  Sorta like after any natural disaster.  After ours, I bought a Red Cross first aid kit-special from Target- along with a natural disaster kit .  IMG_6696 IMG_6697 IMG_6698

The blue first aid kit on the table was one I bought at Costco for our camper RV about 8 years ago.  I found it in our garage while cleaning.  I was going to throw it away cause it look old and yucky.  But I am glad I didn’t, cause much I was able to save!  I had to get rid of all the medicine and creams.  Then I put all the stuff I pulled, into baggies.

From all of that I created an “on the go first aid kit.”  I also add items like hydrogen peroxide, insect bit cream, sunscreen and aloe, hand wipes, baby and kid pain meds,  and a few other items.


The red first aid kit in the Target Red Cross kit, is ready to go!  I did have to throw away some medicine that was out of date.  Keeping our medicine cabinet organized is important. This is a great time to go through your medicine and discard any old prescriptions or medicine.   That way we can really grab what we need if we really had to evaluate fast.  Also I kept an on the go bag for the car and activities on the run.  That tote needs to be redone for this summer.

You can put together your own first aid kit, or buy one.  Add to your emergency first aid kit slowly if money is an issue.  Watch for great sales.  I got a lot of Band Aids this week at Target on Sale.  Wholesale ware houses are a great place.   Check out my Pinterest board for awesome ideas for first aid kits!

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  1. With the upcoming threat this coming week, I need to make sure that I am really prepared. Living between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, this is on the minds of a lot of us in the area. I have food and first aid (almost complete), but not enough water for an emergency.

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