The Cloth Diaper Itch

My box is sitting there. In the corner of the room. With my cloth diapers. I love cloth diapers. I used them on Robby almost full time and my other foster babies part time. But for some reason, with these two-I’m having a hard time getting in the grove.

Part of it is Squeakers (our foster baby) was so tiny and the cloth diapers I have 20140423-101645.jpgwere/are still too big for her. She is just fitting into the old M Fuzzi Bunzs I have. I have all three sizes of Kissaluvs, but only a few of the smallest. With Haddie she fit into the Fuzzi Bunzs fine. I just think it will be easy to diaper both at the same time.

And with summer coming it’s a great time to use them. Sun drying is so much easier after washing them. And if I get into the habit of using them again-I can add a few new ones here and there. It’s amazing how far cloth diapers have come in 12 years! I would love to try a few of the newer styles! (Like many are all in one sizes now!)

So yes, we will still use disposals. They are good for the go. (And yes I’ve made it across country on cloth diapering an 18 month old.) But that was a few kiddies ago!! Plus visits with Birth Family it’s easy on them to use disposal. But I think I’ve got the Cloth Diaper itch!  And I may pull them out and use a few here and there!

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