The Unexpected Family Storm

Three years ago-our family was hit with the worst unexpected family storm.  

Actually Storms.

Began with a week-long snow/ice storm.  Then a very close family friend had their 13-year-old son get sick and within 3 months die.  Then the tornadoes hit.  One after another.

What I learned from that year was we were not prepared.  At all.  We struggled to make it through all the different circumstances that were thrown in front of us.  But some how we did, but we said, we will be better prepared.

April 3-4 marked the 40th anniversary of a super outbreak of Tornadoes.  All that talk and memory made me realize-we are not prepared.   It is time to be prepared.  We have some preparation in place-like our tornado safe room.  But three years ago-when we had the last super out break we were without power for almost a week.

So for 10 days (plus) I want to dedicate on my blog resources and ideas to help us all get prepared.  Simple things to do.  Ah Ha things we can do.  If I had been prepared for the week-long snow storm that stranded me in my house I would have had more food and batteries incase we lost power.  Speaking of batteries-I never got them when the tornadoes came, only a few months later.

A family storm can come in way of a natural disaster.  Red Cross is always a great place to go to be prepared.

A family storm can also come in a way of illness or death.  They can swoop over us leaving us and our family paralyzed.  Having a simple plan can help during those times.

So areas that I plan to get in order in our family and give you ideas and resources on are:

  • What to do when the lights go out
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid Kits
  • Emergency Kits
  • Evacuation plans
  • Babies, Kids, and Pets
  • Food and Water storage
  • Car Kits
  • Our Safety area
  • 10 of the Ah Ha Survival Ideas on Pinterest
  • Sickness and Death


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