Eating Candy for Breakfast and Oh I Believe

Well, like all other parents on Easter, we are exhausted.  I awoke 4am to use the bathroom and when I went back to bed I noticed the lights on in the kitchen.   In there was a very awake 12 year boy-ready for Easter.  Ready for his basket.  Ready to goto church.  He was ready for the day.  I was ready for bed.  But I made a cup of coffee and started my morning.



Soon Dan and Robby were out the door and I had some down time to get my self ready for church. About an hour later the kids got up and after a few melt downs, they were dressed- ready to go.  After Squeakers was fed her bottle and dressed in her Easter dress we were ready to go. (Note-there are no pictures of our foster baby-the baby is Haddie our grand baby.) The kids basically dumped their candy (BIG MISTAKE) in a bag and off we went.

So began the candy for breakfast.  The sugar fest.  The surge of extra energy.  The “Easter Baskets are not going to have candy in them next year threat” from mommy.

What was I thinking?

So candy was eaten all morning.  ALL MORNING LONG!!

It does make for happy kids for picture taking.  You know where you pray in the 100 you take you get at least 1 that can work!



I knew it would wear off. Soon, I am hoping.  But my favorite moment of the morning- and I do have many-was went we were in church.  Our pastor was preaching on people believing in things of the world.  And then our pastor talked about believe in Jesus and the message of the cross.  And Isaiah, sitting on the floor, eating candy, says fairly loudly “Oh I believe!”

Dan and I could not help but laugh.  Here is our most difficult child most days, but he has the most important thing figured out in his life.  And he is not afraid to share it!

I thought we should have all said “Oh I believe!” at that moment.  How we sit so quietly and listen.  But maybe we need to eat candy for breakfast and shout to the world “Oh I believe!”


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