I’m Eating Chocolate Ice Cream for Lent

The question started about a week ago.

“What are you giving up for Lent?”

Many different answers appear from foods to time killers.  Some go the opposite way and give into to something.

I have given up food items and time killers.  But I don’t think by giving them up I filled or replaced them with something that represented Lent.  I struggle with that.  What is this giving up.

I mean God gave up His Son.  His one and only Son.  How was anything I was to give up to come anywhere close to that?  And how do I fully comprehend that giving up.  How do I give up like God gave up?

And was this giving up a show?  A Facebook post would be like “Week three of no coffee- my children hide from me as I roar through the house trying to focus on cleaning and pretending the tea is just as good…..I can do this!!” OK OK  you get my idea, but should not what we give up be something we do be between us and God and not to torture others with our suffering ?

I was reading from the book of Joel last night.  I was pondering  the words and what did they mean for our Lenten tradition of “giving up”.  And what did this mean for me.  And for my kids.  For my family?  How do I get them ready for Lent?  How do I get them ready for Easter ?  Do we give up?

I am not give up “something” like chocolate ice cream. I am eating it.  Instead I am going to focus on the #40 this lent, starting Ash Wednesday. When I get frustrated so quickly with my kids,  I am counting to 40 when things spiral out of control.  I learned about 40 bags in 40 days, so I am getting rid the clutter in my house. I’m reading 40 verses a day in the bible.  I’m going to be freezing 40 meals. I have many more “40” ideas to explore. Thinking 40 ideas to make my kids laugh more.  40 ideas to make worship more enjoyable and meaningful with my family.  40 books to read to my kids.  40 songs to teach my kids.   I am going to focus on 40 days of teaching my kids more about prayer.  40 days of more.  More with God-less of worrying about what isn’t.

My giving up is what I need to give more of.  My giving up will help me focus more on God.

And I am pretty sure chocolate ice-cream will not do any of the things listed above.

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