How I Teach Upside Down Children Fine Arts


I just bought Vivaldi: The Four Seasons.  The music is filling the area.  Babies are babbling to the notes.  This is how I teach fine arts.  I have no set curriculum.  I am not against one, just really never found one.

We follow the list of artist and composer from Ambleside online  Every three months the kids are exposed to a different ones.  

AnnieQ sings all the time.  She can hear a song once and know it.  She sings and makes up words all the time.  I have apps on the iPad that teach them music theory-when they want to learn it.

They learned the basics of the recorder by just learning and reading about it.

Here is where some of the big sensory issues come to play.  When I give Isaiah and AnnieQ water paints to paint with.  AnnieQ will very carefully paint something.  Isaiah will end up with it as finger paints.  AnnieQ hates to have her hands dirty.  She cannot handle the feel of things like wet grass.  Isaiah could care less.  More the mess the better.

We were at a wedding a few months ago.  AnnieQ was on the go moving and dancing.  Isaiah could not transition into that dancing mode-even though he dances all the time at home.  For him there were too many people and it was too loud.  He sat by me the whole time.

Isaiah does better at sports like gymnastics than baseball, but is good at both.  Baseball is too slow in the outfield for him and he does not handle that fast transitions when batting with the outs.  But boy he can hit the ball.  Isaiah moves all the time, bounces and spins.  And is my upside down child always flipping over this and that. In baseball he was the one doing cartwheels (he wasn’t the only one!:)) But with Isaiah you have to really understand him and how he works to get him to do stuff.  He is a great helper and has a HUGE servant heart.  So if another teacher scoop him into a helper stage then he is good to go.  If they don’t engage him right away, we may not be able to leave him some place.

His most favorite place though is The Little Gym.  The two boys took class last year.  This year I didn’t due to Government sequesters I cut a few extras and that was one.  But tonight is parents night out and we parents-need a night out!  I always said if I could find an all day school that functioned like Little Gym I would be willing to send Isaiah there because that is what he needs.  Up and Down, on the go, balanced with some sit down.

AnnieQ takes dances.  We goto Steps of Faith which is a Christian Dance studio. We LOVE it.  They dance to good classical music and contemporary Christian music. They just performed Narnia at Christmas time.  She enjoys dance a lot.  She picks it up very quick and sometimes doesn’t pay attention cause she thinks she’s got it. ( I watch through the glass)

As far as art is concerned, I put different media’s in front of them and they create.  It may try to look like the artist they have seen.  We may have taken a trip to the art museum and they saw something there.

Music we listen from anything from classical to rap.  Toby Mac to Bach.  My kids know many different kinds of various instruments and how orchestras work.  This is just from learning as we go.  We have taken music classes, art classes and loved both too.

Yesterday was AnnieQ’s birthday.  We decided to give her a Nano so she can listen to music to do some task that overwhelm her.  I have put on both fun music and classic music.  There is Bach, Peter and The Wolf, and the Vivaldi Four Seasons.  Also the soundtrack to Frozen (I may have to let that one go:)) I found an old shuffle for Isaiah that I have used with him in the past.  So I guess we will see how this works.

I am in day 5 of a 5 day series. Day 1 I  blogged about how I homeschool my upside down kids Language Arts. Day 2 was about Math. Day 3 was Science. Day 4 was History.

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