How I Teach Upside Down Children Science


My children are naturally little scientist.  When they were little they wanted to study cause and effect.  If I threw this on the floor my mommy will pick it up.  And they would test that theory over and over again.  They continue to learn, test, and see what will happen if they do this or that.

They enjoy being outdoors and discovery new things every day.  Living in Huntsville AL, we are blessed with the Space and Rocket Center along with an awesome hands on science museum call SciQuest.

In fact my kids have been taking science classes at SciQuest this year.  They love it!  Science for my kids is very much hands on-using all senses.  I encourage my kids to see something and learn from it.  If they want to know about something we look  it up learn from it.  I remember a few years ago we had a blizzard (OK we are in Alabama-it closed us down for a week-it was a blizzard!)  Robby saw salt and asked about it while we where out as the snow started to fall.  He came home and did and experiment-to see which ice cube would melt first.

And yes, I have had some weird things growing.  Oh wait those may have been left overs in the back of the fridge!  Or maybe not!  LOL  We have grown plants from seeds.  And bottles of weird stuff to shake.  My kids need their hands dirty and each year they find ways to do that.

Now what do I teach!  Well after starting out with two different curriculums for them-after a month I learned that Apologia had an elementary K-6 subject on Chemistry and Physic.  We have done most of the other ones and I was going to start again with space.  And Robby in the Middle school Science.  But Robby rebelled against the large text-book, and the little kids wanted to be with Robby.  So to make all happy and my job easier-I ordered this.

My kids were so excited when this came!  Isaiah’s first comment was when can we blow something up.  I was a little more concerned at this point that excited.  But he was remembering us blowing up coke bottles!

We started this curriculum in mid October.   I also got the journal for each one-the junior one for the two younger ones, regular one for Robby.  We read, learn, note take, draw, watch videos, do experiments, and have fun!

Now-it is not all fun. The thing about learning about  kids who have some sort of sensory disorder is learning what sets them off and what calms them. When it comes to learning what works best for them.  Since we are learning how I teach my kids science-this is a good time to just talk briefly about sensory processing disorder.  This YouTube video has been the best description I have found.

This video is a great video from the point of view of a child!


Each of my kids are different.  My two little kids you see more sensory needs and they are different needs.  And on my part it is learning and understand the sensory needs and how to help them, so we all don’t get frustrated!

When I was waiting for our new curriculum to come I bought the Bill Nye Science Guy  Science Guy Shows and my kids would watch those.  They also like to watch How things are Made and other shows we found on TV.  They love Animal Planet.

I also have found some fun apps that they kids love.  Bill Nye has one. Since we are learning about Chemistry and Physic I purchased The Elements in Action.  Isaiah was fascinated by this app!

We have in-house a microscope, stethoscope, a box of chemicals well hidden and my other science experiment items.  There is plenty of hands on for them to learn outside and it.  And this momma prefers dirt to be out side.

Keeping them moving and exploring is the key.

Ps-Does Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr. Who count as Science too?  LOL

I am in day 3 of a 5 day series. Day 1 I  blogged about how I homeschool my upside down kids Language Arts. Day 2 was about Math.

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  1. […] I am in day 4 of a 5 day series. Day 1 I  blogged about how I homeschool my upside down kids Language Arts. Day 2 was about Math. Day 3 was Science. […]

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