Kitchen Redo: The Pantry Part 1

I got an awesome Christmas gift from my husband. To remodel our kitchen. How and what we are going to do I don’t know yet. But in looking at 100’s of pictures I saw many pantries I like and so last weekend my amazing hubby redid my pantry for me. Now I have done my pantry before. Back when I was stranded in a blizzard in Alabama.

Now I learned some things from this weekend project. It was only a weekend project for my husband. You know the clown car that the clowns keep coming out?  That was my pantry. Which lead me to some more things I learned.  I had too much.  And I didn’t know what I had.  And I had a lot of old stuff. It hit me that all this was effecting so much more.  Like our food budget and menu planning.  It is time to change.

So the first thing that I had to do to get ready was empty out the pantry. And let me tell you it was bad.  Everything was falling/thrown on the floor.  It was sooo frustrating!

part 1I took everything and put it in our dinning room.

Mail Attachment-2And then my hubby went to work.  He tore out the old selves.  And painted it grey.  So the selves will POP.   The he put in the track selves so the selves are adjustable. And with those I gained 4 more selves! And just like that his weekend job was over. (Sorry I have did not get a good picture )

Mail Attachment-3So now I am zoning it and slowly put everything back in.  The finished Pantry will come next week (hopefully I will be done!) in Part 2!




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