Shaking Up Homeschool A Little Bit


A new year.  New dreams.  New possibilities.

It is also a time for me to realize what is working and what is not.  So I am shaking up our homeschooling a bit this year.  Here are some things I am shaking up!

Where we do our schooling.  Right now I have Robby and two little kids separated.  Not working.  So I am just going to let them do their work at the kitchen table for now.

Getting worked assigned to them.  AnnieQ desperately needs to work from workboxes.  I need to set her’s up soon.  She is a worksheet orientated child and I have learned she needs more work like that mixed with hands one.  She can be self guided and work twice as fast as Isaiah.  Isaiah I am going to let work at his own pace.  And Robby I will continue to do the assignment book.  We are in the process of setting up his iPhone/iPod with his own calendar so that to will be a resource for his assignments.

Curriculum.  I am ordering history curriculum from Alpha Omega for the kids.  While I love my other History curriculum it was take me too long to set things up.  I was getting to frustrated.  Plus with Isaiah needing everything outlined to write, the topics matched each one of my kids perfectly.  AnnieQ I added the Language program too as she needs more.  Robby finished his Math U See book and will be moving on up to the next level.

Unit Studies.  We LOVE the Olympics.  We watch all sports events and love to watch the morning news. I was thrilled to see Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett on the 2014 Winter Olympics. Click here to visit Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.

Using the Media more.  There are so many great movies, TV shows, apps and web pages  for the kids to use.  We are going to use more of them this year.

More out in the community time.  As I type this it is 8 degrees outside.  We are not going out at all!  But we want our kids to get into the community more and more.  Between classes and volunteer time or just playing on the play ground we have plenty of opportunities to be in our community.

Reading more.  And no blogs and Facebook don’t count!  My two little ones are at the doorstep of reading.  So we need to make reading a HUGE priority in our house.  And that will begin with us parents.

Controlling behavior.  We have some difficult kids.  We have amazing, sweet, awesome kids.  But many times they are very difficult.  This year we have to curb some of the behavior we are seeing.  It will hinder learning and it is not healthy.  We are learning much about Sensory Processing Disorders and how to make our days run smoother.   So we are going to figure out new and creative ways to deal with all this.  (suggestions welcomed!)

As you can see, things are going to get shaken up a bit!  Hopefully all my new curriculum will be here and next week we will be shaking it up!  But this week I am organizing it up!


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  1. Looks like a great plan! I pray your changes help and the difficulties are reduced to a minimum.

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