10 Things I Am Not Going To Do This New Year

Things I am NOT


1- Exercise more.  Let’s face it January we get all excited of what we “can” do more of. The stores even sell it to us. But I don’t want that this year. I’m just going to move more with my family.

2-Have an organized and clean house. Yes if I had everything in it’s place and my kids were frozen in time then maybe this could happen. But again why stress about it. I’m going for an organized drawer every week this year instead.

3-Have the Laundry folded and put away as soon as it is clean. Yea….nope. Let’s face it we create dirty laundry faster than I put it away. So my goal is just to have clean clothes. And to give clothes away that don’t fit.

4. A clean van everyday. Hmmm I really don’t understand why we can’t?  But it doesn’t.   I’m not going to stress about it, so maybe once every two weeks give the kids a Target bag to collect garbage.

5. Make the homeschooling room look grand again. Yeah let’s face it I’m lucky to make it to the end of the week with all the work in hand. My vision of the first day of what the homeschool room should look liked has changed. In fact-my whole vision for that area has changed- it’s a right we women have.

6. To keep my bedroom clean and looking like a model room. Ok how about bed made 4 days a week-with extra pillows! That’s about as model room as it gets! Really my goal is that every Monday I tidy up the room-then not to worry about it the rest of the week.

7. Eat less.  Instead we will just eat heathy and balance it. Planning is the key to this.

8. Spend too much time on Facebook. (Do we hear crickets?)

9. No…. ok back to 8……. Media in general. I need to just define our family time (my time) on media better. As parents we model this for our kids. With babies I am making a goal not to be on my phone till after they fall asleep in my arms.  That eye contact is so important and I don’t want to miss that!

9. Making too many list. (Checking it twice. Going to find out who is….) No not that list. :) Making list are good, I tend to have too many, they get lost-I forget.  I need to find a better way to keep track of all my list.

10. Procrastinate. Oh I had to say it. I’m not going to do it all. I’ll wait for 2015.


What are you NOT going to do in 2014?

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