Have You Been Nice for Christmas?


With all the threats of Elf on the self watching and you better be cleaning your room or else you will not be getting any toys for Christmas.  Or stop fighting with your brother and sister.  Don’t throw that book across the room or else there will be nothing good for Christmas.

We parents focus so much on kids being good for Christmas.  If you are not good you get nothing.

I really think is a horrible message the more I think about it.  I mean in June I don’t threaten them with no gift if they don’t clean up.  In January all that is forgot because we parents are so tired we just want to crash.

But it is we parents I want to talk about.

Have you been nice for Christmas this year?  I believe I have to answer no.  I found the the more I was trying to get my kids to be “nice” the meaner I was getting.  And I didn’t realized it.   I was yelling more.  Frustrated more. I needed perfect children!!!!!   I mean I don’t want Santa to forget my children.




Yes I had the wake call.  I was the one not being nice.  I was the one on my naughty list.  If I was another parent looking in at my behavior I would have been horrified.  Oh and speaking of Santa-ummm who am I woking for?  Geesh.

Less than two weeks till Christmas.

Under our tree lies the focus of our Christmas.  A simple manger scene.  Yes my children fought over it as they set up.   And yes I yelled at them for fighting over it while setting it up.  But then it hit me like a brick again (cause I know this).  This is why Jesus came into our world.  He came into our yelling, fighting, trying to be perfect world to say be still.

I am here.

I know you are not nice.  Sin is not nice.  It is ugly and gross.  It oozes with deceit and stench.  This is why I had to come.

Because of sin.  Because we are not nice.  He came as a baby with a mission.A mission from a promise.  A promise that God would separate people from their sin.  To show them Grace and Mercy.  At the cost of His Son.

On my mantle this year holds my christmas decoration.  The stockings are hung and there is the manger scene.  But this year I put up a little frame with a verse in it.  It was not a Christmas decoration.  But it was the verse that spoke to me this year of what Christmas was about.

“For God so Loved the World He sent His one and only Son….” John 3:16.

That was a very nice parent.





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