5 Things I Wonder on an Advent Monday Morning

1. I wonder if Mary got these quiet Monday mornings after she feed baby Jesus to just nuzzle him in her chest as he slept. Did she enjoy those moment or was quiet not really part of the life style or community? I just wonder.

2. I wonder what the second week in Advent will bring. I found our advent candle holder and am going to put candles in it to use it. We have been doing our devotions and putting our ordainments on the tree.

3. I wonder if I will have a full normal week of homeschooling. Seems there is always something happening. I have to have Robby finish his Math U See book this year to start fresh next year!

4. I wonder if I will get my house cleaned! It’s a never ending battle! And finished decorating for Christmas!

5. I wonder if I will get to go grocery shopping! We are in need of food in the house!

As the morning quietly awakes, I ponder these things. But I think I will cuddle Baby Squeakers a wee bit longer and start my day.

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