Adopting a Teenager: I Want Him.

Note: I wrote this shortly after the story came out in October.

A simple plea by a foster child.  I want a forever home.

A home that will let me be their child till the day I die.  Where I can call them mom and dad.

A home where I can make mistakes and spread my wings.

A home where I come on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Grandparents for my kids to call grandma and grandpa.

A forever home.

Last week that plea was make by a young man who has knocked at the hearts of many families.  Over 10,000 families stepped forward to say, we will take you.  Be your forever family.

I know what it is like to fall in love with a teenager needed a home.  We had that happen.  Oldest of the 9 siblings, he just wanted to be with 1 of them.  We had the baby of the 9.   After praying about it, know what the history was-we opened our family.  I remember the first day he walked into our house.  He is our forever child. We are his forever family.

10,000 families.  WOW  I pray that there families don’t stop.  That Davion knocking on their hearts opens it to fostering and adopting other older children waiting for forever homes.  Most age out of the system and spend the rest of the lives alone.

Adoption isn’t about just getting kids.  Kids grow up.  Move out.  Get jobs.  Make their own mistakes.  Have families. Build their traditions.  Adoption is about family.  Forever.  Adoption an older child isn’t easy.  We all know that that teenagers are just a hard stage of life.  Young adult hood even more so.  There are no guarantees that they will make all the good choices in life or not end back up where they started.  But if 10,000 people are willing to take the risk on this one kid-then why not take a risk on 10,000 other kids needing homes.

I pray that Davion finds the home he is looking for.  A forever family.  I pray that these other families

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