Until Further Notice: A Child’s View on Foster Care

foster careWe have an ever-changing family.  Every year it seems we are different in number of children we have living at home.  Between our children, granddaughter and foster children, people never know how many to expect.  Saying we have 6 kids doesn’t bother us.  Somedays we are down to only 3 in the home.  That seems way too easy!

We are a foster family.

We are an adoptive family.

We are God’s family.

This is our family.

We have been fostering over 7 years, over 20 kids in and out.  Some for just a few hours, some for over a year.  Some babies, some teens, some became our forever children.

For the last two years we have done respite care.  We have done longer foster care, but we were dealing with our older son and his new little family.  They needed more of our attention.  But recently we have been placed with a small little preemie baby girl.

It is amazing how when you are placed with a foster child, one of the first questions people ask is “how long are you going to keep them?”  I think this comes from the fact that we had done respite and we knew how long.  I always tell people till the family figures things out.

We do foster care to provide a safe loving home while families figure out what they need to figure out. Our job is to love the children and care for them.  In this case, care for baby girl.  My kids have many questions.  It is normal.  We talk freely with our kids and they know that baby girl is with us till her family is ready to care for her.  We do not know how long.

So people ask our kids how long are the kids going to be here.  The best line that our little girl (7) gives them.  “Till Further Notice.”

The first time I heard her say that-I though perfect.  She understands this.  We were her third placement.  We are now her final notice because we adopted her.  But she understands that many kids do get to go back with their family.  We have seen it happen.  And we are happy and thrilled.  My kids of course want to have more children in our family (like there is not enough!  LOL)

So how long will we have baby girl?

Until further notice as my kids say.  And that is how foster care works. Till then we will love and take care of our newest bundle of joy.  Along with the lack of sleep, bottles that need washing and poopy diapers (no one said it was easy!)

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  1. Twinkle Burke-Hubbard says:

    This is *BEAUTIFUL*. We want to foster/adopt. and homeschool. I *LOVE* “until further notice”. I would love to talk to you about the whole foster care system, when we are ready. Blessings to you!


  1. […] October 1st of last year, we took in a 4lb 2oz foster baby girl. She was the tiniest little thing. She was a preemie -about 6 weeks early. She grabbed our hearts and off we went to be her foster parents. Length of time unknown. Or as my daughter would say: till further notice. […]

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