Must Have Items While Homeschooling on the Go

We are homeschooling on the go a lot these days. Between our field trips, my meetings here and there and just other things that pop up, the world becomes our classroom.

While on the go here are some of our must have items.
Back backs: each kid has one and I have them different items in it to keep them busy. From dolls and cars to books and color pencils-back packs are a must for our family.

Computer boards/writing tables. This is a new must this year. Kids can have a hard to write on. I got mine at Target while their college stuff was out. I store them in a create in the van.

Colored pencils not crayons is a must. Oh I love crayons-crayons do no like a hot car. Yet they somehow find there way in.

Water bottles and lunch boxes. If I know I am going to be out for a bit I have gotten wise and have the kids bring a water bottle and they may fill their lunch box with snacks. This is a must for a little boy who is ALWAYS hungry.

Flash cards and mental math. I may be the only mom who keeps those $1 flash cards in her car! Learning is a must and got to use fun resources!

Paper for sure is a must. Any thing can be created from paper, a story to a paper air plane to a nature sketch with the color pencils.

While electronics are a nice must-they are not an always must.

Homeschooling on the go can be a great way to learn. Our must have items make it a little easier for us.



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