Household Habits: Kid’s Clothing


Darn those kids.

They keep growing!

And the weather keeps changing.

Which means there are always mounds of kid’s clothing’s.

And boxes of them.  And dirty clothes.  And laundry baskets full of them.  Sports uniforms.  Dance outfits.

Oh and lets not forget shoes, socks, undies, coats, and bathing suits.

Right now I feel as though I am drowning in kids clothing.  No matter how much I am keeping up with it- they still appear.

Paint on clothing?  Just saying as a thought…..Ok I know not really!!


Here are some ways I am trying to say afloat with kids clothing’s.  When I get done I will then share pictures.

  1. I am purging.  Yes that is right.  I have 4 piles.  Keep.  Give Away.  Good Will.  Throw Away.  Folks I have come to realized that if I kept EVERY CUTE OUTFIT I WILL HAVE NO ROOM FOR THE CUTE KIDS THAT GO IN THE OUTFITS!  Yes I know I yells that.  But I have to say that OVER AND OVER- for my benefit you know:)
  2. Because we do foster care I use to keep a lot of extra clothing.  Now I do not.  I keep a basic starter kit-a small box to get us up and running till I can get to the store.
  3. Organize and label.  I love to buy things on clearance for the next season.  BUT I have forgotten where I have put those wonderful items till they are two small.  This year I have bought NOTHING-it has been hard-till I get my act together again.
  4. Use uniform boxes.  It just makes life easier.  And neater.  You may have to  spend a little extra money, but in the long run it will be worth it.
  5. Throw the un-matching socks away.  They are single.  The others have left the planet.   Just toss the box out and fell good about it.  I did-two tubs I kept thinking “they will find their way back to each other.  Finally one day I just did it.  It felt SO GOOD!  I know money, being wise-but you not stressed is worth more.  TRUST ME!
  6. Freeze the kids to not grow anymore so you don’t have to buy anymore clothes.  Just kidding……
  7. Wait can we freeze the kids?  They are growing way to fast!
  8. I LOVE hand me downs and thrift stores.  But I do buy 1 good pair of shoes for my kids.  Since my kids have wide feet, hand me down shoes are a little harder.
  9. I use to fold clean laundry and have my kids put it away.  But some how I end up rewashing that “same folded” laundry.  So for my sanity I now put my kids clothing away.  I have to get better at this cause most of the time I just keep it in the laundry basket in my room!
  10. Teach your kids to put dirty clothes in a laundry basket.  Somehow my kids don’t understand this….EVERYDAY I remind them and I get this “huh” look, like you want me to do what?  But I am scaling down on how many kids clothes they will have out at once, and if it is not in the hamper on wash day I am not washing it!!


So in my spare time this is what I am doing.  When I am done I will show you how our system works.  And no, I don’t mean how to freeze the kids, although I am still investigating that!:)

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