5 Things You Need to Know about a Homeschool Schedule


Just like our homeschool room, our daily schedule changes every year and through our the year it evolves. Because my little kids need more structure I added more things into our schedule this year. Plus I separated Robby from them in learning time. I have him starting at 9 and they start at 8. This has worked well so far. Creating our schedule is aways a challenge to see what is going to work.

Here are 5 things you need to know about creating your homeschool schedule:

  1. It is a guideline. So adjust as needed.
  2. Kids thrive on a schedule, but it is good for them to learn how to create their own schedule. I gave Robby freedom, besides morning chores, till 9:00 am. He is a little lost because I have already started teaching the little kids, but he is starting to use his time better.
  3. There will never be a perfect week of homeschooling. It is OK. Your kids are learning how to adjust to things just like you are.  It is a life skill.  It has taken me years to accept this.
  4. Make a schedule that works for your family. I use to try to use everyone else’s cause they looked so perfect. And then I realized that no one else had kids like mine. So I had to create a day that worked for us.
  5. Schedule time for yourself. The first schedule I made for this year, I realized I don’t have much time for myself to get anything done. I have to fix this.

So what does a day look like for us? Well so far this is what I would what it to look like! But I have not yet had a full day that has followed this!

Homeschool daily schedule



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