What Curriculum We Are Using for Jr. High

Hard to believe I am saying Jr. High. I just got done homeschooling High School! But here we are: at the door step of Jr. High. Robby would be going into 6th grade if attending a public school-but some of his school work will be on a 7/8th grade level and some at 5/6th grade. So I am just calling these years Jr. High.

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What we are using so far:

Bible: This year I am going to use our bible and catechism.  I am going to pull from some old confirmation material I have and have fun with this.  We want to create some fun ways to encourage learning the bible, memorizing the scriptures and sharing the Gospel message with others.   I will use GrapeVine Studies with my two little kids and he will want to teach that for them-so I really kinda get a second dose of learning for him! He will also attend Confirmation at our church.

Math: We have been using Math-U-See from the very beginning. We love it. Last year he started Epsilon last year and will continue to finish that this year and move into Zeta. I want to make sure he has a firm foundation before we hit pre-algrabra. We also use flash cards-yes good old fashion ones. We also use an iPad app called Math Board. It is a $4.99 app, but well worth the money.

Language Arts: English/writing/spelling/reading. Last few years we struggled with this areas. Cause he hated it. But this summer he discovered writing, like the other year he discovered his love for reading. So I am going to back off of spelling-cause he knows the rules. Focus on more Charlotte Mason lessons and Writing. So we are using Language Lessons from Queens Homeschooling. I used these lesson back in the early years and enjoyed them. I just feel that these are what we need this year.

Writing: I am going to use a curriculum from Apologia (where we get our science from) called Jump In. I love how it looks and I think he is going to love it!

Science: We are going to use General Science from Apologia. He is ready for his own curriculum and he will love this! We have been using their elementary science for 5 years now, so he is exciting to have a different feel for science. Plus I love what I see in the student journal!

History: We are going to study Ancient World History. We will be using resources from Beautiful Feet, Heritage History and time line from Homes school in the Woods.

Heritage History homeschool curriculum

Extra Class:

  • Typing-going to try the method in our Spell to Write to Read book first. I have been told of a few different programs I will be investigating.
  • Computers-I want Robby to learn basic word processing skills along with some other computer presentations skills.
  • Art and Music-We always learn about composers and artist every year. We follow the list from Ambleside.
  • Robby will also take some classes in the community.
  • I also may use some Unit Studies from Amanda Bennett.

How we are organizing Robby: The physical area-our homeschool room, that is coming in a later post. But I wanted to make a daytime planner for Robby. I had been using pieces of  planer from Old SchoolHouse I had a bought each year for my high schooler and Robby. Last year they changed how they did things and you had to have a membership to be able to get the planner. I wanted the planner and did the membership-which was much more than the planners! There are many bonuses to being a member, including classes online. We love the extra’s and all the classes and dailies! Worth checking it out.

When I get Robby’s planner done, it will have a page for each week. Before I typed in each assignment once a week. This year I am going to bind it all and hand write each week. Life changes-so this will be easier. I will share how I have him set up when it is finish!


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