Francis Scott Key {A Birthday Lesson}



Today Francis Scott Key and I share a few things in common. We share a state in which we were born in. And within just a few counties of each other and a couple hundred years our beginnings started on a hot summer day – August 1st day.

Francis Scott Key was born August 1, 1779. He was home schooled till he was 10. He was very spiritual and strong in his faith. He study and became a lawyer. He lived a pretty common life back in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. But one moment set him apart in history.

A moment when he looked out after a battle on Ft. McHenry when the British where attacking and as the dust settled he saw our flag still standing. And that moment he was so relieved he wrote down some words to form the poem that we all know as the Star Spangled Banner.

Little did he know how that poem-or lyrics to a song would change how America would view their country, attend a sporting event, or be our national anthem. It wasn’t even till 1931 that the song became our National Anthem, thanks to Ripley of Ripley Believe or Not. The song is commonly heard at the beginning of sporting events, school functions, political functions and patriotic events.

Many have questioned why you hear this song at the beginning of sporting events. It all started with Baseball during WW1. Doing a Cubs and Red Sox’s game-during the 7th inning stretch, everyone started singing the Star Spangle Banner.

This practice seems to be the most common place to put the song. Most may have remember recently the little boy Sebastien De La Cruz (San Antonio native) sing the national anthem again before the Miami Heat championship chase game against San Antonio Spurs. That little boy was proud to be an American and you could hear it in his voice when he sang.

I think the most popular singing of that song was Whitney Houston at the Super Ball in 1991. She sang with such passion, and meaning. It was in the middle of the Gulf war and it brought a nation together. I wonder if Key knew how many times his words would be sung-and the emotion that would sit behind those words as they rang out?

Oh say can you see….

Francis was married to Polly and they had 11 children. They lived an average life of a lawyer, she the wife and mother of 11 children. Remembered by the words their dad wrote their family continued to grow and blossom.

(Side note: I just got lost in time for 2 hours trying to figure out if I was related to them! LOL I found a link that said “click here to see if you are related to Francis Scott Key”, needless to say I have a family tree now and I don’t know anything! haha)

The life of Francis Scott Key, the war of the 1814, the American Flag all now part of American History. History that we should live, honor and learn.

Other Websites Filled with Awesome Resources on Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner

Happy Birthday Francis Scott Key!




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