Summer Pinterest Challenge

My Pinterest Challenge-A  few flips and flops.

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When I was invited to join Pinterest over a year and a half ago little did I know how many ideas I would inquire.  It was like looking at magazines, cutting out the articles that I loved and pinning them to a bulletin board.

It became an addiction.  An obsession.  If only I could do this, or that.  And so I would see something and try to recreate it.  Sometimes I failed.  Sometimes it was a success.  Sometimes my mind and my “if I can ‘just’ do that” got me into projects that well, I didn’t know how to end.

So for a summer challenge I chose a few things I have pinned over the years and tried them.  Some I did before vacation, some while on vacation.

Pins tried:

Inside Out Strawberry Cheese Cake

Dipped Inside s’mores

Cowboy Casserole

Sticky Buns

Making Amish White Bread

Friendship Bracelets

Braided Headbands

Summer Pillowcase Nightgowns


First my  Fails at Flip and Flops.  I think with time I could do them-maybe. My two big fails where the Friendship Bracelets and Summer Pillowcase Nightgowns.

Friendship Bracelets: Don’t you remember making these in school.  I do and when I saw them I thought this would be a great things to try while on vacation with my sisters and their kids.  But, after and hour of reading and trying to remember how to do it, and wondering why making knots was becoming so frustrating for everyone, I quit.  I will pick it up another day. (Update my dear teen nieces last night figured this out.  So while I failed….I got 4 colors in-it twisted….they made 5 different ones.  And I do not have one picture.  But they had fun, so that was a success!

Summer Pillowcase Nightgowns: I thought these looked adorable and easy to make.  BUT I am a straight seam sewer.  And even though they looked easy, ummmm……… I have a friend that I may show this to and have her help me. (Note: I thought I had pictures…but I guess they didn’t go with me on vacation!)

My Successes at Flip and Flops. Some I adapted  some-went off of pictures but all were good and worked.  All got the thumbs up from kids as something to do again.

Inside Out Strawberry Cheese Cake: I had this pinned a long time ago.  But when I went to check this pin out, there was no recipe.  So I made it up.  My family are asking for these again.



Dipped Inside S’mores: This was so easy, the kids all were involved.  Didn’t look as neat as the picture, but what S’more have you eaten that are neat?


Cowboy Casserole: This was so easy and worked great!  We doubled the recipe to feed the large group of kids and adults!DSCN3671

Sticky Buns: I made this this morning, it was easy and AMAZING!



Making Amish Bread: I want to make bread more often.  I was looking for a recipe to use with my kitchen aid.  I found a recipe off of Pinterest, but now, I cannot find it again.  So it worked well, the recipe was good and I got two great loaves of bread.



Making Headbands:  This was only from a picture and since I used only items I found while on vacation they turned not like the picture, but turned out cute.  Not like the picture and the kids were using them more as crowns, loving their new style.


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