Fixed Computer and National Youth Gathering

I know.  Some have been wondering where I have been!  I am here.  But my computer has had issues the last few months.  Since then, I had it rebuilt through Apple.  And through my husband and a dear friend at church-they were able to recover most of my stuff off my hard drive.

Lesson learned-make sure you have everything checked to be backed up through Carbonite.  Somehow everything got check as not to be backed up.  My heart sank when I realized I may have REALLY had lost everything.  I should have know better.

But thanks to my dear friend who slowly recovered all my data off of my hard drive that had issues.  And I mean ISSUES!   But here I am, on my computer again!!  Blogging on the iPad was not my cup of tea!

I get my computer back just in time to goto the Nation Youth Gathering in San Antonio TX.  I will be serving as a Community LIfe Builder (CLB).  I leave this Friday early for training over the weekend and then 5 days of the gathering with 25,000 other youth and adults!  Livelove(d) is the theme.  Some of my up coming post will be reflecting the gathering and lessons learned and things experienced!  Isaiah has already ask for a pair of cowboy boots.

What is already cool about the gathering is the hotel I am staying it is the Menger Hotel.  Lots of awesome history there, like President Theodore Roosevelt stayed there.  So stay tuned to a little History coming your way.

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