Our Families Top 10 Favorite Foods


1. Beef-mostly in the form of steak. Yes my family is spoiled a wee bit. But steak is used for special occasions and mostly ground beef dishes can be found for dinner here. We love all different cuts of meat and once settled with our move plan to buy half a cow!

2. Chicken-We have been buying whole chickens and cutting them- ok my husband cuts them. It does save money. I also make chicken stock from the left over bones.

3. Watermelon-it is in season right now and we all love it! How can you go wrong with watermelon!

4. Cantaloupe– goes fast in our house. I learned last night that cantaloupe with their seed is very healthy for you-but we scoop them out like most America’s. Light night we had a demonstration with a chief and a Vita Mixer-I had never thought to mix the seeds too!! May one day we will get to experience a Vita Mixer-till then we cut Cantaloupe and it disappears!

5. Broccoli -When Robby was little he choose broccoli over fries when ever we went out to eat. It still is a family favorite, sometimes I treat them with a little cheese over it too!!

6. Salad-we have weird children. Yep we all love salads. Given the choice and a salad is picked!

7. Eggs-devil eggs, scrambled, sunny side up, egg salad sandwiches! Always a winner in our house.

8. Candy– yep, we have healthy- but candy is a favorite weakness. No for some it’s an obsession, a lets hunt to find where mommy is hiding the candy! We balance it, hide it, barely buy it! But sweets are a family favorite!!

9. Tacos– this is one of the most favorite meals. All the trimmings. Yumm

10. Mash potatoes– I was once told my mash potatoes where better than Outback’s! My kids could eat mash potatoes every day if I let them! But it’s a lot of work- so maybe twice a month!




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