100 Things to do This Summer- 2013


100 things to do this summer: 2013

Blogging from the iPad-computer is in the Apple ER….

Here it is….100 Things to do This Summer 2013 edition!

Goto Space and Rocket center
Go swimming
Go on a weekly Hike
Explore a National Park
Explore a cave
Go fishing
Go camping
Make Rainbow Bubble Snakes
Goto SciQuest
Visit the Amish
Explore something old
Sing and dance
Go canoeing
Go white water rafting
Make a kite
Run through the sprinklers
Catch lighting bugs
Grow Veggies in a container
Grow flowers
Goto the movies
Play catch
Kick a soccer ball
Go for evening walks
Play cards
Play basketball
Got to Botanical Gardens
Make a Back Yard water park
Play miniature golf
Goto World of Coke
See a water fall
Have a tea party
Swing High
Look at the clouds
Go on a picnic
Make a sand castle
Go for ice cream in PJ’s
Make magic Mud
Build a Dog House
Write in a journal
Practice math
Ride 4 wheelers
Sing a song in church
Go visit an Aquarium
Go visit a farm
Go to a farmers market
Go on bike rides
Put on a skit
Explode a can of coke with mentos
Go to an arcade
Goto a new movie
Get a tan
Send Post Cards
Cook dinner for someone
Tie die shirts
Play a new game
Visit some where new
Make root bear floats
Knit something
Make popsicles
Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
Put together a jigsaw puzzle
Make play dough
Each kid cook dinner
Learn origami
Go bowling
Blow bubbles
Go horse back riding
Wash the car
Set off fireworks
Water paint
Take pictures
Goto a county fair
Goto a concert
Make fresh lemonade
Find a fossil
Send a care package
Watch birds
Make Soapy Slime
Try something new
Make a large checker board
Jump on a trampoline
Make something new
Goto a water park
Go out with daddy and mommy
Build a fort
Goto VBS
Make jewelry
Have a sleep over
Plan a party
Talk on the phone
Walk in grass barefoot
Goto a park
Make ice cream
Take Sunday Drives
Sleep in





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