10 Creative Toys that Every Foster Home Needs

We have had children in and out of our house.  Through these children I have notice that there have been some toys that have with stood the test of children who need an outlet for creative play.  Plus these toys have also been my sons favorite toys and continue to be my children’s favorite toys.

I feel that toys should be an outlet for children to be creative with.  To do build, create, destroy, imagine, in ways that some kids don’t ever get to.   Many times foster children don’t know how to play.  It takes them time to feel safe or that they are even allowed to play.  Some may just want to throw.  Foster Mom’s gain a sense what each child needs.

Many times foster homes are given hand me downs, broken toys, toys that don’t have all the pieces.  But if you ever wanted to do something nice, buy one of these toys (and a plastic bin to store them in) and donate them to a foster family.  A child will thank you!  Here are 10 toys that every foster home needs.

  • Little People– They are good for toddlers to hold on too, and older ones to create little worlds with.  Watching the foster children while playing with the different people can sometimes help you understand what is going on in their head.  We have everything from Princess to the airport.  
  • Wooden Blocks-These are just great for everything.  Kids will use them alone or with other toys.  BUT be warned-if you have an angry child, use foam blocks.
  • Baby Dolls-Kids love to play house-especially with baby dolls.  We use to have all the extra’s but my little ones are hard on them.  But the dolls, Cabbage Patch Dolls, have with stood it all.
  • Trains – Kids love trains!  Especially little boys! Moving them, building them, the sound of them.  We have wooden trains, plastic trains, and Geo Track set.
  • Legos– (I Put this at 5 -think of the song 12 days of Christmas… now “5000 pieces of Legooooos”!! )  Ok Duplo, Legos- are these not the best toys in the world???  I had a little 4 year old high need foster girl-but she would sit and build with legos for hours!
  • Mr. Potato Head-Kids need permission sometimes to be silly.  And Mr.  Potato Head gives them permission to do that!
  • Lincoln Logs – Something about building your own house.  Fitting pieces together.  Creating something different.
  • Tupperware Shape O Ball Toy – This is the best toy ever!  Good for babies to hold and shake.  Toddlers figure out where the shapes go.  They roll it and have fun emptying it.  Even kids enjoy this toy.  Some foster children miss out of these basic learning skills, so this toy is good without seeming to “baby.”
  • Tinker Toys – Again-it allow children permission to create and be silly.  No rules, just have fun!
  • Art Easel – ours has a chalk board on one side and a white board on the other.  Kids can draw with chalk or water with paint brushes.  White board is good for drawing with markers. (maker sure they are dry ease ones!:)) tape up paper to make an art creation!  The Art Easel is great for the counselors that come to our house, they have kids draw pictures on it.






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