It is Time to Sign up for FREE Bowling

One of our favorite things we did last summer was bowl!  All summer long we bowled.  It was a great activity for young to old.  And when things got stressful in our family, I used bowling as my stress reliever -in fact the day I was the most frustrate I bowled my best!

Kids up to 15 years old can bowl free two games a day (at our lanes it was a 1.99 for more games).  I also bought a pass for 4 adults 16 and older to bowls two games a day for $35.  We invest in shoes, or you have to pay for shoe rentals -which at our lanes are about $4 each.

Kid’s Free Bowling & Adult Discounts All Summer Long | AMF Bowling Centers Summer Unplugged & Summer Pass.

I get nothing out of you signing up-I just think bowling is such a great activity for the family, it is physical, it encourages the whole family to cheer each other on. You can have friendly competitions.

Keep an eye out-2013 100 Things to do this Summer is coming out soon!!

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