10 Things I Wish People Understood About Our Adoptions

10. These are our children, regardless of skin color or hair.  We have two biracial children.  They are ours.  No I did not give birth to them, I adopted them to give them a loving home.

9. We did not steal them from their parents. We worked with DHR and their mom to make every effort to get them back home.  Doing that time we took care of them.  When the situation changed is when we started looking at adopting.  We did not steal or kidnap them, neither not DHR.  (I have had some people accuse me of this)

8.They are US grown.  My favorite line when Isaiah was 2, “Did you get him from Columbia?” No he is US grown.  All my kids are born in US, 3 in Alabama.  We worked with foster care in our county.

7.We do not look to be Super Heroes because we adopted. We did not start fostering to be super heroes or super parents.  Nor did we want people to go-look at them, how wonderful are the, we could NEVER do that.  We did it because we could, because we wanted to make a difference and we had extra space.

6.We did foster them first with the goal to reunite them with their family. Our first goal in fostering is always to reunite families.  This is not always the case.  Sometimes it is.  With our kids it was not-but we worked hard to keep the sibling family together.  We got the baby of the group and I worked with his mom every week to let him know how he was doing.

5. Our kids have many siblings, and the know and love them all in special ways. Sometimes our kids don’t know how many siblings they have.  They will tell people, I have a baby brother-people look at me and I smile “adopted into another family.”  We work hard so they have communication with those siblings.  Some easier than others.

4. There is no difference in our birth child and our adopted children-other than their birth stories.  Seems that some people think that when our adopted children turn 18, then we are done with them.  Wrong, they are our children.  Their birth mom gave up her rights to be their mom-and so we are their parents.  Forever.  That is what adoption is-forever.  Yes, we do use the word adoption-we have two biracial children-we celebrate adoption.

3. We do not do this for money. Our goal is not to get as many kids adopted to make money off of them. Some people seem to collect children for money, giving other adopted parents a bad rep-that we are in it for the money.  There is a some money in adopting special needs children.

2. We are one family-our family.  We are the Gehring’s-one family serving and loving God.  Some people still separate us-our adopted kids and Robby.  We are one family and I have paper work to prove this.

1. We love our kids with all our heart.  My kids are amazing and we love them with all our heart.  Some ask can you love an adopted kid as much as your birth child?  Well, mess with my kids and lets find out.


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