What to do with Kids and Pets while Selling and Packing a Home


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Oh the kids and pets.  How much cleaner my house would be without kids or pets.  How empty it would be if they were not here.  So-when selling a house, you can not hide the fact that kids and pets live here.  You cannot hide the fact that we have had over 20 children live in our house.  Our house has taken a beaten.  There are holes in the wall, marking and drawings in different places, and carpet has spots that we just don’t know what they are.

But all the is easily fix.  It takes some money, but it can be fixed.  We have not replaced our carpet-it looks pretty good for 9 years and 20 kids in and out, a dog and 2 cats.  But our children now, they still are hard on things.  They still find things and get into things.  I don’t know if it is because they are adopted.  I don’t know if it is because they are 14 months apart and work together as a team.  I just don’t know.  Our first one didn’t do this, but I remind my husband, I also didn’t have crayons and scissors out.

Making the kids part of this whole process has help.  Making them feel like they are helping gives them a sense of ownership in the house they live in now, and the home we are going to be moving to. There is some anxiety of not wanting to move, and we are seeing that in behavior.  There are other issues in our home that contribute to the behavior also. We are dealing with all that while trying to keep our home ready to sell.

Here are some great places to go to get some tips for selling/packing a house with kids and pets:

Let’s face it, when you read information on selling your house, hiding your kids and pets is key.  One site  suggested that you put your pets in a kennel the whole time you are selling!   Ok-I can see for open house, but what if your house is on the market for six months?

I have the 1 year old puppy she still eats up everything.  I keep her out side.  She still tears up everything outside.  I have children who make a mess of everything.  I give up somedays out of frustration. How do you keep it all clean?  How do you really hide your kids and pets.  Well, my cat is good at hiding!

And when your day is spent on schooling kids and entertaining them so they don’t make a mess-you go to the bathroom for one minute-and who knows what happens!  Plus in our family, we are gaining a soon to be teen daughter in law and newborn baby.  So there is no way of hiding a newborn baby or things the baby needs.  We keep working at it.  School can soon be pack away.  Thinking about cleaning the house and running away!  With the pets and kids of course! Maybe to Disney World!


My last post will be on Saturday/Sunday, we are experiencing  opening houses and I will share my thoughts on them:

  • Open House

While my goal is to help homeschooling families, any mom getting ready to move will find these tips helpful.  I also welcome another tips in the comments!

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