Waiting For Haddie

My grand-daughter Haddie will be here soon. She will be starting a new chapter in our lives as grand parents. A chapter I wasn’t expecting to start so soon in life, but as we all know life does not alway hand us what we expect. So we take what God gives us one day at a time.

Jeremy and his fiancée Autumn are going to be teen parents any day. This week we are looking at possibly bring home Haddie(she isn’t due till May 11), Jeremy is finishing last-minute work for High school schoolwork and I need to work on school reports. On top of it, we are trying to sell our house to get a house that fits our family better.

Today we thought Haddie was coming. Everyone got excited. We were waiting for Haddie to show up today. But it wasn’t time yet. Haddie still has some baking to be done, some growing and developing. It is best done inside mommy. IMG_0555

So for now we will wait for Haddie. Because when she gets here our house goes to 6-8 for a while. I will be gaining another teenager and newborn as the three of them merge into a family. When she gets here, the noise level will be the sweet sound of the newborn cry. I will be molding a young soon married couple to become the best parents they can through trial and error. I will be gaining a daughter in law soon to help balance out the number of girls in the family. And soon-on the outside- a grand-daughter that I will get to love and cuddle on, and then hand back when stinky or fussy! Ahhh going to like this Grand momma job!


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