Selling and Packing a House while Homeschooling


selling, packing homeschooling

When we decided to sell our house, my thought was-we homeschool.  We live in the house 24/7 how was I going to keep schooling like we do, keep house clean with the children we have and be sane.  I still don’t.

Every homeschool family has a room they homeschool in.  Most potential buyers don’t understand homeschoolers.  Some use their dinning room as a homeschool room, potential buyers walk in expecting to see a dinning room not a school room.

So what do we do with our homeschool room.  Look at all these homeschool room in my Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Rooms – each room set up differently!  Here is what I did.  First -I have the benefit of being at the end of the year, but I am still thinking of next year (but resisting temptation for buying!)

  • I started packing things we were not using.
  • I purged stuff while packing.
  • This purging is a great feeling by the way!
  • Our homeschool area like has taken over many areas of our house-so I have been trying to consolidate those areas.
  • I had the kids go through all the puzzles that had been jumbled.
  • I backed up books we didn’t need right now.
  • I packed up curriculum we didn’t need for right now.
  • I have a portable self I use for some of our stuff, I have been moving more there again.
  • I took down our writing desk because it was becoming a dumping ground.
  • I have tried to pack up as much art stuff as possible.  I did this because my little kids were finding them and making big messes.
  • I use more iPad time and computer time.
  • I packed up as much as I could, without packing school away.
  • Which showed me I had too much out!
  • Carve out a set time for packing and decluttering everyday.

Our Sunroom still looks like a “what is this room used for” room.  Till we are done, (oh high school is done this week-just in time for Hattie for make her appearance soon), I am trying to make it look more like kids play area.

There is part of me that feels that, moving now and selling an empty house would be the best solution to everything.  It would take away a lot of stress, but it would create a different kind of stress called an extra house payment till we sold it.  And I am not sure which one is worse.

If you are in beginning or middle of homeschooling, keep the room as neat and clean as possible and the rest of the house homeschool free.  (you know no weird science projects lurking in places)

Rest of this week I will continue to give tips for:

  • Hiding the pets and kids
  • Open House

While my goal is to help homeschooling families, any mom getting ready to move will find these tips helpful.  I also welcome another tips in the comments!

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