Being Sick Needing to Rest

Momma’s are not suppose to get sick.

But we do.

A few days here and there.

But I have gone over those few days. I have used my “sick time.”

And I have to still be momma.

This week they ran test- Mono is what they are guessing or strep. Or both? I’ve been sick since before Easter. I’ve been in bed or the recliner. But I still have to make dinner sometimes, and care/ discipline kids.

There is a grand baby on the way and two extra people who are becoming part of our family. And things to do. And I have been with a horrible sore throat feeling like crap. And I’m exhausted from simple things. Shopping is not fun right now.

The house like just feel apart. Dan did amazing to keep up with dishes. And the kids have chores I gave- but I only get so much out of them before its a fight- and I’m to tired to fight.

Graduation, kids school work and we are trying to sell the house. People wonder why I’m sick.

I trust God that I will get better, but that means I have to do my part. Rest.

If I have Mono rest is the key. Ooooo and I am not a rester.

I hate resting. I am not good at it. Even my mind thinks when I’m resting. But lately I given up. So what if our tv comes on doing the day time. My kids love it- yeah been watching Baby Story and Extreme couponing. My kids love it! I let them play and watch Netflix of the iPad for hours. They thought they where so cool.

Yesterday I broke down and brought The Maids in. I did too much yesterday-cause you know you goto clean for someone to clean for you. And I paid for it. I didn’t rest.

Today I am resting. Today I will have fun with the kids. Today I will get a little better.

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