To Drink Starbucks or Not-WELL??

Last night I read an article.

It sat wrong with me.

And I did a little bit more research.

And really became frustrated .

Did I get caught up with the media sweep of  who said what?  Sure. Who doesn’t?

I wrote an article when the whole Chick-Fil-A  event happened.  I never published it.  But I wrote how  everyone was getting bent out of shape because someone express what their values and morals was. Not the company speaking.

And I think that is what frustrated me last night.  Was I had read that the company did not want people who supported their company.  Not the values or morals of one man.

I felt like the company did  not want people who do not agree with their way of thinking.  And like CEO said “it is a free country.”  I think that it was a bad interaction-between a stock holder and a CEO.   I wasn’t there.  I only heard what someone wanted me to hear.

And it worked.  And it didn’t.

See I don’t want to argue the gay marriage issue.   There are enough people already doing that.  I know my morals and values.  No one is convincing me.

And there are enough things already challenging our  morals and values that are put in front of us everyday! Like TV, internet, and media.

So when I read that one of the thing that I enjoy and use as my stress relief and relaxation was now becoming a symbol of something more than a cup of coffee-I was frustrated!

And I needed to question do I need to drink that next cup of coffee or not.  So I wrote To Drink Starbucks or Not.  But I didn’t stop researching after I wrote that article. No. Because I needed to know was I going to drink Starbucks or not.  Was I going to support a business that said that traditional marriage wasn’t valued?  Again, if it was just the man speaking that was different.  But I saw it as the company was speaking it’s beliefs.

Said-yes I know they didn’t say that.  Maybe implied.

Maybe someone wanted us to think that.

Maybe there are people on each side that knew people would love their coffee that much to get upset.

Maybe there where people who knew people had strong views on marriage and would jump up to voice their concern.

Maybe, or maybe not.

What I do know is Starbucks does have an agenda beyond coffee.  Most company’s do.  Starbucks’ knows they how a lot of power in marketing.   That can be good, and that can be bad.  I mean it is just coffee right.  Or is it more?  Is it just the way business is run in today’s world.   I don’t agree with many of their agenda’s.  Nor do I of other companies.

But it is a free country.  So I can buy Starbucks or Dunken Donuts. Or I cannot buy any and save my money.

Chances are on that really stressful day, you will still see me walking around with Starbucks in my hand at Target.  But I am not drinking Starbucks to say I support gay marriages, nor do I eat at Chick-Fil-A  cause I am Christian.

It is because of the service and the relationships of the people behind the counter.  

And those relationships are more valuable than any of the arguments going on in today’s world.


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  1. And sometimes it is the best cup of coffee ever! I am with you.

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