To Drink or Not To Drink Starbucks Coffee?

I LOVE my Cafe Mocha.  I will not lie.

I LOVE going to Target and getting a Starbucks and walking about.

Or Kroger’s now.  I mean how perfect is that!

I Instagram my Cups all the time.

White Mocha.

Peppermint Mocha.

Hazelnut Macchiato.

BUT I am torn now.  As somehow now, drinking my cup of coffee that I enjoy- is now saying that either I support or not support gay marriages.  OR worse, that the company has said that if you value tradition marriage they don’t want you.  WHAT??

Oh I know what some are going to say-what about Chick fil a?  What about them?  Dan Cathy only stated what he believed in.  Not that if you believed in gay marriages you should not be there.

I realize that many company’s have beliefs that I don’t believe in.   But for one to come out and say if you believe in tradition marriage then you are wrong.

See I believe in Traditional Marriage.  I don’t believe in gay marriage.  Those are our families morals and values.  Mine.   This is what we teach our kids.  We don’t teach hate, or violence. We teach love and forgiveness.

Sorry if Starbucks doesn’t think my morals and values are worthy of their drinks.

I am torn because I enjoy my drinks and I enjoy the ladies that work in the stores.  I have known some for years.  BUT I feel I have to make a stand for tradition marriage.

So I guess, for now, I have to think about whether or not to buy and drink Starbucks.  

Not because they support gay marriage. 

But because they don’t  seem to support traditional marriage.

I thought they were embracing diversity?  Seems to me they are more about embracing their own agenda.



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  1. Alycia Apostolides says:

    UGH! I agree! I am in the same dilemma! It would be one thing, if they just stated their beliefs, but, they had to go and slam ours. There lies the problem.

    • Nelly Getz-Whitfield says:

      Never liked Staryucks anyways. Yucky coffee covered up with tons of sugary flavors. Another reason i dont waste my money there.

    • Jill Johnson Morris says:

      while I agree on the moral dilemma of whether or not to still go there, by the articles I've read, I think the guys' words are being twisted. He didn't say "if you support…sell your shares," he said "if you can find a better return on your investment, sell your shares and buy some others." Again, I'm not disagreeing on the moral issues, I just don't like when the telephone game happens and the words get changed as they pass down the line. Maybe there's an article I missed, but I didn't see any comments where he directly slammed those of us who support traditional marriage. That being said, it may be time to tell them goodbye like we did to Ben & Jerry.

    • Alycia Apostolides says:

      True, Jill, i have heard that this is being misquoted. i didn't intend to post this anyway. i just commented on another friend's post.

    • Jill Johnson Morris says:

      oops, sorry Alycia Apostolides – didn't see that part until now.

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