Initiative Taken by Children

I am so impressed with my two younger kids. Considering that they have messes in other areas that they need to be cleaned, they saw the dishes had filled up.

One day of no dishes in our house and they are all dirty. My thought is every child dirties them-every one can help. I should not have to ask. Right. Wrong.

I am looking for initiative with my children. Taking the first step. When they see that the dishes are dirty-or the dish washer is clean (even if it is someones chore) they do them.

Today it happened! I am so happy! And proud of them! The two of them working together, even though there is a lot of nick picking and bossing around. But it shows me they are thinking of more than themselves.  AND they are not looking for anything in return!

Now I do have to say, it is a mess, them loading the dish washer, and I have to bite my tongue cause it is ALL wrong.  But they are learning!

And they took initiative!

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