A Tisket, a Tasket… Win an Easter Kid’s Gardening Basket!

A Tisket  A Tasket

Growing up, I loved Easter.  Our family was always active in church and the holiday’s were always  special because of the extra time spent there.  What I loved about Easter was the early sunrise mornings, the Easter Breakfasts, the orchid corsages,  Easter eggs, and Easter Baskets.  My most favorite was singing Christ the Lord has Risen Today with the birds!

I never knew what was going to be in our Easter baskets.  It was never much, but it was always special.  One year I got a hanging plant, I remember that!  And of course candy and lots of it!

My favorite memory was one year we did an Easter Egg Hunt inside with our boiled Easter eggs.  Some how we missed one.  We found it many, many months later, when it was accidental broken. STINKY!!

When I had my first son, I wanted to make Easter special.  Easter we are normally at church sunrise to about 1 p.m. So finding time for an Easter Basket was always challenging for the morning time.

One year I did a scavenger hunt, where the first clue started at home, went through the morning at church and finally lead to the Easter Basket back at home!  One year I did a Church Easter baskets, where most everything  could be used for the morning worship service.  Last year I did Garden baskets.

Our kids love to garden.  Nothing big, but enough that they get their hands dirty and can eat the veggies of their work!

This week you have a chance to win an awesome Kid’s Gardening Easter Basket!  With a great assortment of some fun and hopping gardening items!  Perfect for any boy or girl to start growing a little garden and have some fun with it too!  Included in the basket are:

  • 6 Burpee Seed packets: Zinna, Cucumber, Sunflowers, Tomatos, Peas and Carrots.
  • 10 Pots for Seed Starting from Burpee.  You need to add the dirt and soon you all can watch your seeds grow!
  • Adorable Frog gloves and hat to keep their hands cleans clean and sun out of their eyes!
  • Garden signs to put in their garden.
  • A little shovel and rake to plant their seedlings into their garden!
  • A watering can and  spray bottle to keep their new plants happy and healthy.  And to cool them off in the hot summer sun!
  • And while their plants are growing there is a bug catcher to check out little bugs, a little magnify glass to see the world up close, and chalk-just to have fun!
  • Sun, water and dirt not included.

Everything you need to start a little children’s garden!  What child would not love to get this on Easter morning?  easter basket


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This giveaway is part of ihomeschoolnetwork.com.  I put the basket together with wonderful items I found at my favorite store Target.  It is worth about $30.  Make sure you hop on over to check out all the other great Easter Baskets put together by these great ladies!


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  1. Favorite memory…seeing my Mom baptized obn Easter Sunday morning

  2. Watching my kids search for Easter eggs after Sunday morning service.

  3. getting a little pair of white gloves and white lacy tights!

  4. Christi Saragosa says:

    New dressing and white patent leather shoes, frilly lace purses and knowing that Jesus died for my sins.

  5. Mariah Kochis says:

    My favorite Easter memory would be searching for eggs as a child, and having my Dad stand by the ones who were hard to find! Took me a couple years to figure out he was helping us out, and not just standing in strange ways! : )

  6. Wendy Pierce says:

    We don’t celebrate “Easter.” We focus on the death and resurrection, but no egg hunts or anything like that here.

    • mommahopper says:

      We don’t do Easter bunny other than he “hides eggs” after church. My kids know we do the Easter Baskets. But they fully understand the true meaning of Easter-and they can not wait till this Sunday! (Palm Sunday-starts Holy Week and they love all the services!)

  7. going on an Easter Egg Hunt at my grandmother's in a dress that she had made for me.

  8. For the past three years we have created an Easter Egg piñata filled with all kinds of treasures and candy. Our church also has a great “Journey to the Cross” event each year.

  9. The first Easter egg hunt I did for my daughter

  10. I always loved hiking up the hill for the sunrise service!

  11. My favorite Easter memory is my daughter's first Easter. My husband booked a trip to Savahanna w/o realizing it was Easter weekend and I was a little upset about being gone on a holiday, but we ended up having a beautiful day on the beach with our children :)

  12. R Dennis says:

    My kids love to play in the garden.

  13. My favorite Easter memory is when we had an Easter pinata. I have no idea why my parents did that, but one year they decided to skip the egg hunt and do a pinata instead.

  14. Sabrina L says:

    Watching my kids search for Easter eggs and having Easter dinner with family.

  15. When my children were small we would invite all the family and church family to come to the house for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. Such good times and fellowship!

  16. My mom used to create treasure hunts for us to find our Easter baskets. When I was a teenager, I took over making them for my younger sister. It was very fun. Now that I have kids, I love to watch them search for Easter eggs.

  17. Magela G. says:

    Celebrating Easter with my church family.

  18. My favorite Easter memories involve my kid’s excitement at opening their baskets, because I didn’t have Easter myself as a child.

  19. My mom did a Dr Suess style rhyming scavenger hunt the last year we got Easter baskets.

  20. Shannon C says:

    My favorite has to be the stuffed eggs my grandmother use to make. Chocolate eggs stuffed with peanut butter, coconut or butter cream. :)

  21. Kristin Blackwell says:

    Putting foam rollers in my girls hair the night before Easter & waking up to curls!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Easter at my grandparents house :)

  23. Brenda T. says:

    This would be awesome!

  24. Cute easter basket theme! 😀

    • My favorite Easter memories include lacey socks and finding eggs before my older brothers did! <3 Nowadays, I my favorite memories include dying eggs naturally with my children <3

  25. My parents did a scavenger hunt for our gift before church. I got the pink radio I had been wanting. I had that thing for years!

  26. When I was a child, we would attend an Easter Convention every year, with thousands of other Christians, at a convention site on top of a mountain. On Easter Sunday morning, as dawn was breaking, every year the whole mountain would awaken to a lone trumpet playing the hymn, ‘Low in the grave he lay’ . As that mournful sound echoed through the morning mists, even as a child I would get shivers of anticipation, as he reached the chorus… ‘Up from the grave He arose!’ What a joyful sound. Praise the Lord!

  27. roshawnda says:

    Watching the excitement in my little one’s eyes!

  28. Worship services with my family, huge lunches at my grandma’s, and egg hunts with all the cousins! Now I love getting to make memories with my own kids.

  29. This is the cutest basket I’ve seen! My favorite memory is of last year when I made an jelly bean trail for my son to follow to find his Easter basket. It was the cutest.

  30. My favorite memory is dressing up in my pretty Easter dress as a child.

  31. Gabreial Wyatt says:

    Always the annual egg hunt when I was a kid.

  32. Watching my kids search for eggs each Easter.

    • mommahopper says:

      I always enjoy that! Especially when the big kids give up eggs for the younger kids!

  33. Easter Egg hunt in the snow!!!

  34. Would love this for my kids!

  35. Watching my kids hunt glow in the dark easter eggs at night.

  36. Lora Gaul says:

    My favorite memory is Easter egg hunts at my grandmas.

  37. Melody Elliott says:

    My favorite memory is the first Easter after we adopted our 3 little ones. It was so great to watch them search for eggs with their cousins.

  38. Mom would hide the eggs we colored the day before throughout the house (northern WI) for us to hide Easter morning before church. The best years would be the years we wouldn’t be able to find all the eggs and even Mom would forget where she put them all. Sometimes we were searching a long time before finding that last egg!

  39. Coloring eggs was always my favorite thing about Easter as a child. I still love coloring eggs as an adult.

  40. My favorite Easter memory from childhood is of my sister and me spending time talking to my mom in bed on Easter morning. It wasn't often that could happen.

    • Gary D. Manning says:

      seems I remember carrying your sister up Kennesaw mountain one Easter…that was a good one for me.

  41. I love Easter hymns! It’s my absolute favorite service of the year.

  42. Hunting eggs in my grandparents backyard when I was very young is my favorite Easter memory. :)

  43. My favorite memories are hiding eggs for my older children (now 21, 20, 18, 15, 14, & 12) & then having Easter dinner with my family. We now get to do it all over again with my youngest, who just turned 3. She would love to win this basket. She really likes going into the garden to talk to the plants.

  44. Dressing up for church!

  45. Tiffany McGhee Mayberry says:

    My favorite memory is hunting Easter eggs at my Granny's house with all 13 of my cousins :)

  46. Easter egg hunts with the kids at my parents, even though it was usually cold, and then dinner!

  47. every year with my children is my new favorite memory!

  48. Marlo Reidland says:

    Having family over for Easter lunch/dinner after church and having the kids playing with cousin and friends. By the way, what an adorable Easter basket!

  49. i loved going to church all dressed up

  50. I think my favorite memory is of dying eggs with my oldest (when he was 2) and my father. Grandpa sure had fun with that!

  51. Alycia A says:

    My favorite Easter memory was when my middle daughter was just one year old, and discovered eggs hiding in the grass at our annual Families with Chinese Children Easter party. She was SO excited!

  52. Christine M says:

    We used to hunt for our Easter baskets, not just the eggs. It was such fun trying to figure out where they were each year!

  53. Tiffany Richmond Williams says:

    My favorite memory is wearing Easter dresses that my grandmother made herself and just spending Easter with her before she went to be with The Lord.

  54. When I was little, we were pretty broke so we each got a box of name-brand kid (aka sugar-filled) cereal in our Easter baskets and we didn’t have to share with siblings. I loved it!

  55. Christine M says:

    Visted many blogs :). Three of them were: Milk and Cookies, Abundant Life, and The Encouraging Home. Thanks for all the chances to win!

  56. I love the idea of includung cute signs in the basket–would not have thought of that! …Easter memories–I remember when the cat found my candy and helped himself to my chocolate bunny==yikes!

  57. Katie S. says:

    My favorite Easter memory is waking up on Easter morning to find a basket right outside my bedroom door. It always had one gift and lots of candy! That was the only day of the year we could eat candy and hard boiled eggs for breakfast!

  58. abi cochran says:

    Oh this would be awesome to win!

  59. Favorite Easter memory..watching my daughters when they were toddlers searching our backyard for Easter eggs. The youngest (2) holds up an egg and says huh?

  60. New dresses, shoes, hats, and purses for church!

  61. barb sheffer says:

    Making matching dresses with my first 3 daughters.

  62. Great ides!

  63. My favorite memory is of course the basket hunts, which almost always took place inside the house due to lovely rainy weather in the Pacific Northwest :)

  64. Nancy S. says:

    I love the beautiful and triumphant music on Easter morning!

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  65. Monica W says:

    Favorite Easter memory is coloring Easter eggs with my daughter for the first time. FUN, and MESSY! lol

  66. I loved hunting Easter eggs when I was a child and now I love hiding them for my nieces and nephews.

  67. Debbie J. says:

    My favorite Easter memory is watching a lot of kids Easter egg hunt — our own 5 children, along with cousins visiting from two different states — even an 18 year -old boy!

  68. My favorite memory is going to my grandparents and getting dressed up for church then coming home and hunting for Easter eggs.

  69. My favorite Easter memories as a child are of dyeing eggs with my mom and then on Easter morning it was a special challenge to my Dad to see how well he could hide our baskets. We knew we always had a challenge ahead of us. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  70. My favorite Easter memory was always going to my Aunt’s house with ALL of the family- grandparents, 20 aunts and uncles, and all my cousins. In fact, this is the FIRST year we are not going. :(

  71. Rochel S. says:

    Going on a egg hunt!

  72. When my firstborn son was born, he was in the ICU for a few days. He got to come home from the hospital late on Easter Sunday, and my very favorite Easter memory is taking pictures of him at my Mom’s house in front of her little Easter tree that evening :-)

  73. Carrine Ogden Judy says:

    I love watching my kids search for eggs, the excitement is in the air!

    Our yummy Easter dinner is always a treat as well!

  74. My favorite Easter memory is going to church on Easter Sunday in my new dress and hunting eggs until they fell apart, lol!

  75. Katherine says:

    When I was 10 years old I found myself watching all my 4 younger siblings trying to find their special basket, the Easter Bunny had left. I was probably 8 years old when I found out there was not an Easter Bunny and it thrilled me they still believed.

  76. My favorite Easter memories are when we would meet at my grandmothers and have lamb that my aunt would cook.

  77. Having lamb at my grandmother’s house.

  78. Matthew Saari says:

    My mom, sisters and I always had such fun shopping for Easter outfits. I loved the all the new summer-y clothes filling the stores after winter.

  79. I always had such fun shopping with my mom and sisters. We loved all the new summer-y clothes after a long winter,

  80. My favorite Easter memory is always having a big Sunday dinner at my grandparents after church service and taking family pictures outside! Some years it was COLD for those pics (I grew up in northwest IN) but looking back, its great to see the family all together and dressed so nicely!! (Even when my mom made me and my sister wear matching dresses..lol)

  81. My favorite Easter memories are Easter Sunrise services on the beach and seeing my children so excited to find their basket of candy.

  82. My favorite Easter memory is an Easter egg hunt when I was about seven years old…it’s the first Easter I can remember.

  83. Kathleen Downes says:

    Going to my grandparent’s house and hunting for Easter eggs.

  84. Cathy Okken says:

    My favorite memory is singing Christ is Risen with my class at the annual Easter program at our Christian School. I get to relive it today as a teacher. We have all the elementary classes sing together.

  85. Jessica A. says:

    Spending time with my family!

  86. My favorite Easter memories involve shopping for Easter dresses with my mom. I was a little bit of a tomboy but I always dressed very girly on Sundays. I thought Easter was the best because my mom would let me get an Easter hat when I was little.

  87. Getting all dressed up for that family picture :)

  88. My favorite memory was going to pick up my mom and new baby brother from the hospital 25 years ago.

  89. I always loved Easter Egg hunts.

  90. Whitney S. says:

    Standing in a circle, holding hands with dear friends and family, singing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” as the sun rose…with sponge curlers in my hair! :)

  91. My favorite Easter memory is an egg hunt that my dad’s company used to put on for the families. It was a year when it wasn’t raining (love Washington State)!

  92. My favorite Easter memories are of searching for my basket – which my parents hid (very well!) instead of just eggs. They made it harder every year – in the garbage can (wrapped up, of course) under the main bag, in the dishwasher….and we have amazing home videos of every year’s search…:)

  93. I always looked forward to getting my Easter dress and all the lovely things that went with it.

  94. Kathy Lundberg says:

    Love herb gardening. Thoroughly enjoy taking pics of my flowers and plants, too. Truly a highlight is growing strawberries. Plan to add veggies this year.

  95. Easter egg hunts with my siblings and cousins.

  96. My favorite Easter memory is hunting for eggs.

  97. It would have to be when mom went and made our baskets with nothing but school and art supplies. Loved getting new markers and crayons.

  98. I loved sunrise service when you used to meet as the sun was actually rising. I liked it best when we met near a body of water, usually a stream/creek, pond, or lake. There was just something about celebrating Christ’s Resurrection that early in the day out in nature!

  99. I just loved that excitement of finding my basket and hunting the eggs with my brother!

  100. My favorite Easter memory is just recalling how every year my dad’s family would get-together after church for a big lunch. It was fun getting together with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. We also had an Easter Egg hunt!

  101. I love the memories of running around outside looking for eggs at my grandma's house!

  102. Kathleen says:

    I have three daughters and when they were little I dressed them all in matching dresses, white sweaters, and white patent-leather maryjane shoes for church. I also loved watching then hunt Easter eggs. But my favorite of all memories is when I watched my three girls and husband color eggs with my 90 year old Grandma and her sixty-something, special needs daughter (my Aunt). They were all having SO MUCH fun and my girls never complained about sharing their eggs, dye, etc. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my Grandmother. She lived to 93….

  103. I loved sunrise services as a kid, especially when they were at a lake!

  104. Lena Mucchetti says:

    getting my new easter dress and gloves for church :)

  105. My fave Easter memory is getting a new Easter basket filled with goodies and hunting those eggs with my family.

  106. I loved getting new white shoes!

  107. Hunting Easter eggs with my siblings!

  108. I have visited all of them! :-)

  109. Heather M. says:

    searching for eggs at Grandpapa’s house!

  110. A favorite Easter memory from my childhood is visiting my Grandma Rose and helping her make a special Easter bread, from her native Croatia — the filling was made with eggs and lemon extract and crushed walnuts. Yum! I make it for my family now.

  111. Heather M. says:

    visited Meet Penny, Milk and Cookies, Spell Outloud and more!

  112. Favorite Easter Memory my daughters first Easter picnic. She was so sweet about it and she didn't have a clue what it was about. She just loved spending time with her Momma.

  113. Jane Kim says:

    What an awesome idea!

    • Jane Kim says:

      My favorite Easter memory is of my son's first Easter at my mother's home. It was a joy to watch big sister helping little brother find eggs.

  114. Coloring Easter Eggs with my parents. 😀

  115. A'ndrea McAdams says:

    We always used Spanish Moss to make our Easter “nest” and the morning of Easter, I found a “black” egg…it had money in it!

  116. I love celebrating Messianic Passover with my family.

  117. My favorite Easter memory is of dying eggs and hiding/ finding them. I also remember mom made the best coconut cake every easter.

  118. egg hunts with my brothers

  119. Michelle Knopp says:

    My favorite Easter memory is my son’s first Easter Egg hunt at two years old. The little one are so precious.

  120. Michelle Knopp says:

    What a great linky. I also visited Milk and Cookies, Spell Outloud, and Hodgepodge.

  121. Angie Peterson says:

    My mom would have us go on scavenger hunts to find our Easter baskets

  122. My favorite Easter memory was making Easter cupcakes and dying eggs when we would visit my grandparents house every year. She would get tons of cute Easter decorations (edible grass, jelly beans, frosting) and multiple types of Easter dying kits. It was like Easter exploding all around us. So much fun!

  123. Favorite memory…making Empty Tomb cookies and doing the Resurrection Eggs with my kids :)

  124. Creating new Easter crafts with my kids, they love everything we make!

  125. I loved hunting for eggs in the woods behind our house.

  126. Kristine says:

    my kids would love to try this!

  127. Alicia Winkler says:

    My favorite Easter memory is of Easter 2007. It was the only Easter I got with my first son, Levi. He wasn't quite a year old… <3 He passed away that fall.

  128. Aja Kunda says:

    Being 9 months pregnant at sunrise service waiting for my first child to be born. She came the next day!

  129. Easter was the one time all my extended family would come to our house to celebrate. It was usually near my birthday so I always felt a little bit special. And my grandma would always make me a new dress for Easter!

  130. Celebrating Jesus with my family

  131. Jenny Driggers Shannon says:

    Great science fun!

  132. Jenny Shannon says:

    Family Easter morning egg hunts…with real eggs colored the night before :)

  133. My favorite Eater memory was last year. Celebrating with our family and our new twins!

  134. Tauna Meyer says:

    Easter baskets in the morning. :)

  135. When we first moved into our house a few years ago we had an Easter Egg hunt. We had all of our nieces and nephews and even neighbor kids. There was probably 20 kids and they were all running around looking for the eggs and just having a blast. A lot have them have moved away since then, but I would love to do it again!

  136. Probably the Easter we left my little sister a trail of candy eggs, which led to a huge “candy” egg that had a stuffed bunny in it!

  137. Candice Hull says:

    My favorite memory would have to be my oldest son’s second Easter because he was able to walk around and pick up eggs and he was so excited. Now, he loves opening the resurrection eggs and telling us all about the items inside which is awesome
    Thank you

  138. Candice Hull says:

    Visited It’s Gravy, Baby, This Reading Mama and Abundant Life

  139. Alvina Castro says:

    easter memories which are my favorite all involve the easter egg hunt. Its my favorite part!

  140. My mom and dad do the most killer Easter Egg hunts every year. Everyone from the little of kids to my grandma (she’s 85) participate! It’s a highlight of my year…every single year!

  141. My favorite Easter memory was last year for the egg hunt. The younger cousins were content to eat what they found in the egg, before moving on to fine another egg.

  142. Spending time at church and at my grandparents ranch for dinner.

  143. Our second child was baptized on Easter several years ago. The day didn't include a fancy dinner or clothes (new baby, focus was on him!), but it was the most beautiful reminder of Christ's love for us in that He died to save us from our sin. The baptism and Easter celebration was special.

  144. Favorite Easter memory is from several years ago when our second child was baptized on Easter. The two celebrations on the same day really brought Jesus’ sacrifice “to life” for us. It was a special Easter we’ll always remember, and each year we celebrate the little man’s baptism birthday on Easter instead of the specific date.

  145. Kat Riley says:

    Going to Easter dinner at a Chinese food restaurant…very reminiscent of the movie A Christmas Story.

  146. Kat Riley says:

    I visited Spoonful of Imagination, Upsidedown Home Schooling and Classic Housewife.

  147. Elizabeth B says:

    Growing up, my parents would hide our Easter baskets around the house. It was so fun to look for them!

  148. “boxing” easter eggs at my grandparents house is my favorite memory. Boxing eggs is when you take your boiled and dyed egg in one hand and someone else has their egg in their hand and you each take turns gently tapping the eggs together and the one whose egg cracks first loses their egg to the other person. Whoever gets the most eggs wins!!!

  149. My favorite Easter memory is all of the extended family getting together for a big ham dinner.

  150. Pamela J says:

    favorite easter memory… beautiful church music

  151. Dina Marie Beard says:

    New Dresses, Easter Dinner with the family and picking out easter flowers for gifts.

  152. My parents would put together a scavenger hunt for my brother and I every year to find our Easter basket. So much fun!

  153. doing our easter egg hunt on mother’s day last year :).

  154. Shannon Alexander says:

    I really don’t have one

  155. I. Used to love finding Easterr basket, until I was old enough to help hide them!! Then it was the best to help hide them in spots Dad would NEVER even think of!?

  156. Kathy H. says:

    Wearing cute little dresses to Sunday School. 1 more is at my Great Grandparents house. Waiting in their room while the bunny hid the goodies otuside or inside. Then dumping it all out and dividing it all up between us.

  157. I remember spending the week at my grandparents’ home one year for spring break and the end of spring break coincided with Easter. I had a wonderful week and then was very surprised to see a special Easter basket Sunday morning before my parents came to pick me up.

  158. Every year the family gets together and has a dinner at the community hall and has an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Those memories are great. Last year, after the activities, my husband drove me the extra miles to go see my father’s grave for the first time in seven years. Thanks.

  159. Getting baptized when I was five on Easter Sunday! I was so excited!

  160. Suzie Williams says:

    Going to the egg hunt with my mom every year.

  161. Finding the golden egg three months later

  162. Solducky says:

    Going to our grandma and grandpa’s house after church, and listening to my grandpa complain about the squirrels.

  163. One of my favorite memories of Easter was actually when I was in college. I came home from college and since all my siblings were of the college and high school age they did an Easter Egg hunt outside with plastic eggs filled with money. All us kids were so poor that we really competed hard for the coins and dollar bills in each egg. I ran around with my 5 brothers and sisters searching for eggs all over the yard. It was a great twist to our usual candy in eggs hunt, and the money was so needed.

  164. My favorite Easter memory is actually getting up before the sun came up to serve sunrise breakfast with the other youth from my church. We were all tired and crabby, but the conversations we had adn the bonds we formed those Easter mornings are something that I still remember to this day.

  165. Actually it is the memories we are making now. but as a kid it was the Passover, from a Jewish family it makes a world of a difference know what Messiah really meant and did for us.

  166. I have wonderful memories as a child with my parents. My mom always sewed me a new dress. My dad got me a flower. We attended church together. I hope my kids will have wonderful memories, too.

  167. Saver Sara says:

    Easter egg hunts with my cousins.

  168. A fresh new dress to wear on Sundays!

  169. I love hearing the story of the year I came home from Sunday school and informed the whole family including grandparents that we all had to take off our cloths and lay them on the ground for Jesus. No telling me otherwise.

  170. Waking up Easter morning and finding the Easter eggs!

  171. Stephanie Colbath says:

    Just celebrating it with family. Every year was great.

  172. Tammy Kindig says:

    We wake up early, find our baskets and then attend the Sunrise service at church.

  173. the big chocolate bunny

  174. Kelly Schmidt says:

    Going to church with my friend when I was a teenager

  175. Tabatha Finch says:

    Easter egg hunting at my grandma & grandpas!

  176. Waking up on Easter Morning to see a much coveted Lindt Easter egg! MY parents believed in treating us with quality, not often but enough that we prized it dearly.

  177. thanks for doing this. great idea!

  178. Kerilynn says:

    I would have to say coloring Easter eggs with my mom and brother.

  179. Catherine Johnson says:

    We usually wake up, open easter baskets, go to church, go to grandparents and have an easter egg hunt, then go swimming ( We live in sunny southern California) !!!

  180. I loved coloring eggs naturally with boiled onion peels.

  181. mine is dying egss when I was little with my mom and 3 sisters


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