Oz The Great And Powerful: A Movie Review for Families

A Family movie review

A Family movie review

In just 4 days the movie Oz The Great And Powerful will be release in Theaters.  I had the chance to see this movie as a preview last week at Disney as a perk of being a DVC member.  My husband and I saw it at Epcot in one of their event buildings.  It was the first movie I ever went to were I had to check in my phone and camera and had to be security wanded to be let in.

Before the movie began we had the chance to see three previews: One being for the new movie Iron Man 3…..it is going to be good!  We were the first audience to see it!

IMG_2849The movie Oz The Great And Powerful is a wonderful movie that tells the front story to the classic Wizard of Oz.  It is a colorful, whimsical play on a classic story of good and bad.  Disney does an outstanding job bringing you into the time period of the movie and making you feel the characters pain, sorrow and joy.

This movie does have some intense moments in it.  Having gone through the tornadoes here a few years ago, I do warn parents that if this still haunts your child, to either wait for your child to see this movie, or just prepare them for the tornado scene.   It did  seem to go on a for a few moments, and while I watched the movie that was the only scene that jumped out at me as warning flag, but only because I live an area that had been affected by an F5 tornado just a few years before.  I will warn my kids and take them.  I can’t hide them from tornadoes, but that is for a parent to decide what is best for their child.


There were some other moments that I did jump, that is a good movie in my opinion!  And I just loved the wicked witch…actually I feel a little sorry for her…but I am not giving anymore away!


This I would rate this movie as a go see movie.  I would advise as with any movie to check out the web site and know your child before going to the movies.  I am writing this post on my own.  No one asked me to write it, I am getting nothing in return.  If you would like to know more about DVC and perks it has at Disney World, leave a comment below!

Also, if you get a chance to visit Epcot, they have a fun new area based off of the movie with a great play area for kids!



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