Have You Started School Yet?

We have not started back in book work for the three younger ones. We are still in the 12 days of Christmas and still focus on Christmas. It works for us. But that does not mean they are not learning. They are always learning, creating, developing, exploring – all on their own. Today they played a new game with a ball, for an hour. We came up with a new lunch recipe. They wrote a new song. Wrote a story and filmed a movie. I had little to do with all this expect for some minor separating children when fights broke out.

We will jump back into a schedule next week and how I cannot wait for it! While we have a very flexible schedule we are adding in more chores (oh they are so thrilled) and self guided study times. Which will give me more time to focus on things I am working on. I have a few things to fix in the school room area. Speaking for school room areas, do you need some inspirations this year to get organized make sure you check out the Ultimate School Room Post for some great ideas!

Looking to add in some new curriculum or change it up a bit, here is what we use.

We also added in Unit Studies by Amanda which have been wonderful for when things got tough!

We also started using School House Teacher. The have a special going on, first month a $1!

Many of our public schools started today. Other schools start next Monday. So soon Christmas will return to their boxes and books will be back on the desk. Before we know it, Easter and summer will be knocking at our doors!

Till then we still have a few days of Christmas left!




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