When Christmas Joy is Shattered by a Pop

The new of todays shooting seems all to familiar.  It doesn’t seem that too long ago we were hearing reports of a shooting of a young man at Discovery Middle School, Madison AL not too far from here- a young boy, whom my son had gone to school with earlier.  And shootings at the University of Alabama Huntsville .  These are places I drive by every day.  These are events you never think will happen but they do.

The other day 800 students did not goto school at our local high school in fear of a fight or something worse.  While we are still not sure what the threat was or if there was one it has many concerned-enough that just under 800 student stayed home in fear.

The news of todays event has shattered every moms heart.  It has made mom’s questions whether our schools safe enough for our kids?  I have heard more today about homeschooling being the safest route for our kids to keep them safe.  I had many parents inquire about homeschooling today.

I don’t know why this young boy went into the room and did what he did.  It saddens my heart that this happened.  The terror that took place in that room is something that one only imagines to be in a movie.  But the event will be added to the list of horrible things that have happened in our country.  And the town of Newtown will never be the same. All those children in the school will remember those pop’s sounded like.

Are our schools safe?  Is keeping your kids home the only way to keep them safe?  Is homeschooling the only option?  Those  are questions you and your family need to answer.  I was thinking about this earlier, we don’t know when bad stuff is going to happen?  We don’t know when young children are going to get sick and die.  Or when there are car accidents and teens die?  We try our hardest to keep our kids safe.

For many families this Christmas their joy will be focused on funerals and grieving.  Trying to figure out how one person could take their Christmas joy and shatter it with pops.   How one person could take our Christmas joy and shattered our security of feeling our kids are safe in school.  How can one person effect so many people in such a short time.

Christmas is about one person-a baby.  It is about one baby that came into this world because it was already shattered and broken.  Christmas is about one little baby who came down to this world to bring love and hope and peace.  He came down to bring grace and forgiveness.  He came down to forgive sins.

  • Prayers go out to those families whose child died today.  I have a 5 and 6-year-old.   Heartbreaking
  • Prayers go out to the families had a love one die.
  • Prayers go out to the shooter’s family.  I don’t understand the connection to the teacher (his mom?) But their family must be confused and heartbroken.
  • Prayers for healing for all those injured.
  • Prayers for all the children who go to school there.
  • Prayers for the teachers, and other leaders and volunteers in the schools.
  • Prayers for the community leaders-
  • Prayers for the medical community
  • Prayers for the community.


Prayer of my Pastor Bernie on Facebook today

What a terrible tragedy is unfolding on Newtown. Pray for children and parents, pray for teachers and all officials, pray for Pastor Greg Wismar, a longtime Lutheran pastor in Newtown, and for all who stand by from near and far, that God will comfort and heal all of us. It’s Advent when we are reading the biblical message that God has come both as a refining fire AND as a Savior. His name is Immanuel = God is with us.

Dear God, You are the Creator and Giver of Life. We, whom You have created, are all guilty of this: we love death more than life. How so? We are all absorbed with and fixated on ourselves. We are hypocrites who say we love You, when it is obvious that we do not love our neighbors as ourselves. Maybe we will never fire a weapon and take someone else’s life, but we are all complicit, inasmuch as we turn away in indifference from so many. Teach us to love each other. Fill us with your Spirit. Forgive us our sin. Help us cherish everyone’s life and bless us all with safety on our journey to Life Eternal. In the name of Jesus Christ, Immanuel. Amen!



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