The Ultimate Guide of the History of Christmas

As I type this our tree is up, the lights are hanging outside, the train is circling our little village. The kids have have their list to Santa, cards are being addressed, the Sunday school Christmas program is almost here. Advent calendars are being slowly being added to every day, devotions are read and songs are sung! Why is it that we do all this?
I asked the other day on Facebook for one word that describe Christmas. The words I got where…
Love -Jesus- Emmanuel- Misunderstood -Magic- Misrepresented
Why is there Christmas? Where did it come from? Is it misunderstood or misrepresented? Or is it about love and Jesus? As a Christian I have one view of Christmas and the history maybe different of a non-Christian. I believe the first Christmas hymn was when the angel sang to the Shepherds. Has Christmas gotten out of control? Yea sure because we are sinners. But if you look at the history of Christmas, Christmas has always gotten a little bit out of control. Jesus was born into a world out of control.

    • Free downloaded able ebook from Bible History Daily on the History of the First Christmas
    • History of Christmas for Kids
    • Did you know at one point Christmas was banned in the early American? Check out the History Channel video.
    • Continue watching watching all the videos for some great videos on the history of Christmas.

    • History of Christmas Tree’s from History Channel
    • Have you ever wondered about picking your own Christmas tree? This site helps you find a Christmas tree farm close to you.
    • Who invented electric Christmas lights? Click here to find out.

      • If you need a Santa suit this is the place, but they have a nice little summary of Santa.
      • Elf Academy– great activities for kids here
      • Eclectic Homeschool Online has a nice list of resources for the history of Christmas

From Pagan’s wild parties to Puritans outlawing the celebration of Christmas, from Santa to Christmas trees, to candle light service Christmas focuses around the birth of our Savior. What we do with that day is up to each of us. Christmas is more that a day, a moment, a present. It is about celebrating, sharing, honoring, being with family, sound of children, cooking together, worshiping, singing, reading, dancing, baking, decorating, hoping, growing, showing, peace on earth, it is about Jesus. For our family, we focus on so much for Christmas, all the fun, but it all focuses back to Jesus. I joined 24 other ladies in 25 days of Christmas this year-make sure you check out their other awesome list.
I leave you with these two finally thoughts:




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