Pocket Advent Devotions: Day 7 Names


Day 7 Name

Luke 1:60 His mother answered and said, “No; he shall be called John.”

More Reading: Luke 1:57-62

A Little Extra Thought: Naming a child is always an interesting process.  Some people know before the even become pregnant what their child’s name will be, others spend the whole nine months working on it.  Some are named after family.  Other’s are named from popular names.  Some are named from odd and strange reasons.

Activity: Look up the meaning of each persons name.  Take it step future and look up the meaning of your last name.  Look up the meaning of John and Jesus.

Day 1 Angels

Day 2 Waiting

Day 3 Favored

Day 4 Pregnant

Day 5 Kick

Day 6 Praise

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