10 Reasons We Had to Redirect Our Homeschooling

10 reasons we had to redirect our homeschooling and I am OK with it.  Really, I have gotten over the image of the perfect little homeschool house, like the first week.

  1. Our schedule doesn’t work.  So now I have a general schedule.  More for me.
  2. When crisis hits your family and you homeschool, you have the flexibility to do what you need to.  Regroup.  Re-adapt.
  3. Let’s face it, I think I have had maybe one “normal” week of school.  BUT maybe we have had more normal weeks of life and I am comparing myself to others?  (Note we have taken two vacations in this school years-providing hands on learning-but still a LOT of work for momma!!)
  4. My husband and I realized that till next year we were not going to have “normal weeks” since we were moving into Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas and the New Years.  But again-what’s normal?
  5. I have a 6-year-old who screams for hours to do math.  So I am putting it away, for just a bit.
  6. We are putting science on hold till January-Even though we love it. We have to simplify life right now.
  7. I have moved into Unit plans for the rest of the year.  I will keep up math with Robby (5th grade) but have found Unit plans are the way to go.  We still are using Grapevine (only cause they LOVE them-look for a new review coming soon!) and our Heritage History books to supplement out Unit Studies for reading.  (more to come on our Unit  Studies)
  8. Needless to say, we are knee-deep in Studying Thanks giving, and Thanksgiving, and focusing our family and hearts on the true meaning of the season and the up coming season of Advent.
  9. We are dealing with teenage issues.  These issues are wearing us down some days.  It is taking a toll on the kids, and this is why we are redirecting our days.
  10. Because we can.  This is our family.  We homeschool, and how and what  teach we our kids is our choice. My main teaching goal this year is to graduate my teenager.

We have had a tough 6 months, but we have an AWESOME God who see’s us through every moment.  I am thankful that Homeschooling provides us this flexibility to get through the tough times, rejoice in the good times and  cruise through the “normal times!”  What ever normal is!!

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