Reusing Drink Caps for Math Counting

I have been homeschooling for 6 years now (I guess longer if you want to count pr-k and below).  Back when I had one child I put together a lot of hands on activities for him.  I had more time on my hands then!  I always loved to recycle when I could.  I had an idea with lids to drinks to make some sort of counting lids.  So I collected them for a few weeks.  Painted them with some chalkboard paint (I am not sure why, I guess it was black and we had it).  Punched out different color circles and stamped numbers on them.

At the same time I also had a huge square that I stamped the circles on, 1-9 so Robby could put the lids on there.  But that board is long gone.  But as I was cleaning I found the bucket of caps I made for him.  Now I get to reuse them with Isaiah!  I may put a few coats of modge podge on top to help keep the numbers on.  It is fun finding these fun little treasures.

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