A Math Lesson According to Isaiah

I am siting at the table with my 5-year-old.  He has 5 Ritz mini crackers.

“Mommy, I have 5 crackers.” He says.

“Very good Isaiah.”

“2+2=1” Isaiah says.

“No it doesn’t.” I say. He counts his crackers again.

“Isaiah, how many crackers would you have if you ate one?” I asked.

Popping one in his mouth he says “4”

“Good!  Now if you had two crackers in each hand, how many crackers would you have?” I asked.

He puts two in each hand, looks at them and me and smiles.  “8-cause I took them apart”

Then he stuffs them all in his mouth and says with a full mouth-“Now I have zero!”

sigh….and that is a math lesson by Isaiah.

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