Fish Extenders-What are They?

We are getting ready for our third Disney Cruise. Now I am on the DISboards, but do not follow much.  But my husband does.  He asked me what a FE was.  So I looked it up. FE was for “Fish Extenders”  But what were they?

Basically they where pockets that hung on the fish hangers outside the door where people would exchange gifts.  Groups got together before the cruise  to form FE groups.

So I researched more and we decided this cruise we would participate in the FE with about 20 other families.  Of course I also decided to make my own…cause nothing I do has to be easy!  So with a vision, some help from the kids to pick out their fabric for their pockets and a wonderful friend to help me finish it along with these great back packs.  Now, mine are far from perfect, but for first time around, and making from a picture, I would say not bad!!

Fish extenders

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  1. […] is our picture book from our New York Cruise.  An other fun this to do on cruises are the fish extenders.  Disney has now 4 ships allowing them some more flexibility in where they are placing their ships. […]

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